24. juni 2016

Hi my loves! I received 2 liquid lipsticks from Molly Cosmetics. A nude and a gorgeous pink. There’s a lot of shades, they’re all matte, cruelty free, paraben free and gluten free! How awesome is that? Huge bonus: they’re affordable! Check them out here:

I got the shade 011 Impeccable & 003 Eye Candy. When I saw the bright pink color (which looks a bit more purple in the tube), I was kinda scared. Excited to try – but scared! I’m always so boring and stick with my nudes, but when I swatched the color, I died and went to heaven. This is the most beautiful bright color I have ever seen and I’m so ready to step out of my comfort zone. It reminds me a bit of the new color from Anastasia Beverly Hills called “Rio.”

These liquid lipsticks are very pigmented, smooth and easy to apply. They are also comfortable on the lips, and not as dry as some of my other liquid lips. They’re long-lasting and it’s possible to eat with it on, just avoid greasy food. They take 1-2 minutes to dry and these two are definitely my new favorites. I’m VERY impressed.

PicMonkey Collage

Excuse my ugly swatches, my cat decided to nuzzle with my other hand, so it went wrong. Seriously, I’m really sorry. But you get to see the beautiful colors.


Check out their website and let me know if you’re getting anything! xo


This post is sponsored by Molly Cosmetics, I received free products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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22. juni 2016

Hi loves! I get a lot of questions about the baking technique and finally just sat down and decided to do a blog post about it. Baking isn’t something new, it has been used in the drag community for years. If you don’t even know what I’m talking about: It’s letting translucent powder sit on your face for 5-10 minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer, and then dusting it off your face. A lot of people find it ‘extra’ and unnecessary, but I don’t think that’s true at all. Maybe not everyone find the need to do it, like some people don’t contour and so on. But if you’re oily or just don’t want your concealer to crease, this is an important step.

It’s not just putting powder on your face and looking dumb, there’s some major benefits if you take the time to do this.

I know some people with dry skin stay away from it – I have very dry skin, but I have no problems doing it. Sometimes it’s about finding the right powder.

So why do the baking technique? It makes your makeup look flawless, it will stay on all day, your concealer won’t crease, and you won’t get oily. The powder will also make your skin super soft and basically make you look photoshopped. #GOALS

Where do I bake? You can bake your under eye area after concealer, If you get oily, bake the T-zone. I even like to do this to 1) make sure my concealer stays in place 2) it also really helps if you get a bit sweaty 3) it helps brighten, when you’re highlighting

Something I LOVE to do is bake right under my contour, it makes a huuuuge difference and will make it look sharp and defined. Your life will never be the same again. Trust me. It’s so worth the extra step.

How do I bake? Make sure to cover and smooth out all the creases before setting your concealer. Take a damp beauty blender/sponge and dip it in the loose powder. Pack the powder generously over the areas where you applied the concealer. Then leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes. When it’s time, take a fluffy brush and dust it off. Easy!

A tip: It’s important to hydrate your eye area. This will help minimizing the appearance of any fine lines or creases.


I always use my RCMA no color powder, it’s cheap and the best powder you can get. I also did a blog post on it, if you want more details. I like to use my Elf Blush Brush, perfect for the under eye area!

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18. juni 2016

Hi my loves! We all love affordable things and Ebay can be a hit or miss, but I found two things that I love so deeply and wouldn’t be able to live without. I saved a lot of $$, so I wanted to share it with you, because these two products a makeup lover/makeup artist NEED in their collection.

For a really long time I’ve been looking for a palette to mix my foundations on, I found one from Morphe and it wasn’t THAT expensive, but I knew I could find it cheaper, so why not save some cash? I’ve been searching for them on Ebay for a while and for some reason I could only find some pricey ones, then one day it was right there in front of me – with an affordable price! I knew I had to buy it right away. Bonus: it comes with a spatula.

And I’ve been using it every day since I got it. God I don’t even know how I could exist without this in my life. It’s truly a lifesaver. No more mixing on my hand! You can of course also use it for mixing lipsticks, cream products, whatever you want. It’s £2.99, 28 kr, around $4,24. Isn’t that crazy? When you get it, it doesn’t feel cheap at all and I can’t honestly see why you would buy the ones from other brands when you can save so much money on something that is just as good. 

Buy it here:


The other thing is even better. This is for my pale girls and people in general that finds it hard to get the right foundation shades. This product is very popular on YouTube, it’s a white foundation mixer, to lighten up any foundation that you own. You already know I tried the expensive one from The Body Shop and it did NOTHING for me. I hated it. Using this affordable one, you can see a difference after just one drop, it’s so good and I can’t live without it, seriously. Now I can buy ALL of the popular foundations that everyone loves and just lighten them. It’s been such a struggle and I’ve been missing out on so much, but not anymore.

This is also perfect if you’ve bought a foundation that you really like but it’s too dark for you, now you can actually start using it.

This is perfect to use with my foundation mixer palette btw – these two go together perfectly.

I’m talking about the Manic Panic Vegan Flawless foundation and color corrector. It won’t change the formula of the foundation or anything like that – so don’t worry! This was very important to me.

It is only $9.89, 65 kr. Buy it here:

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17. juni 2016

Hej venner! Her er endnu et dansk indlæg, for jeg vil nemlig rigtig gerne snakke om hjemmesiden Det er nemlig en side jeg har brugt i evigheder, fordi jeg elsker deres makeup udvalg. De har blandt andet mærket “Milani” som er et af mine yndlings drugstore mærker, og det er ikke altid lige nemt at finde i Danmark. De får også hurtigt alle de nye produkter der udkommer, så det er den side jeg altid ender op med at købe fra. De sælger utrolig mange forskellige ting, alt fra parfumer, makeup, hårprodukter, neglelak, hudpleje og jeg kunne blive ved. Jeg vil helt klart anbefale at I tjekker siden ud, selv min mor er begyndt at købe derfra, fordi de har hendes ynglings hårprodukter – og ikke mindst nogle gode tilbud!

Jeg har været så heldig at få nogle ting sendt, dem har jeg været ved at teste og har virkelig glædet mig til at dele dem med jer!


Alle snakker om Milani’s nyeste foundation, den er et hit på YouTube og jeg har længe ville prøve den. Eneste minus: deres farve udvalg STINKER, så hvis du er bleg, er du nødt til at få fat i en foundation mixer. Jeg har den i farven 01 Creamy Vanilla. Udover det, så kan jeg godt forstå hvorfor den er blevet så populær. Virkelig lækkert produkt, super dækning, dog uden du får cake-face, og så holder den hele dagen. Det er 2 i 1, det vil sige du får både foundation OG concealer. Det er virkelig blevet en favorit i min makeup kollektion. Den koster 149 kr og kan selvfølgelig købes på billigparfume, find den her:


For et par måneder siden udkom Milani med en masse øjenskygge paletter, der også hittede på YouTube. Som I nok ved, køber jeg næsten aldrig ‘drugstore’ øjenskygger, for 9 ud af 10 gange er de utrolig dårlige. MEN, eftersom jeg hørte så mange fantastiske ting om dem fra Milani, har jeg længe ville prøve dem og nu fik jeg endelig chancen! Jeg har paletten “Must Have Naturals”, som sagt er super neutrale og perfekt til hverdagen. De har også andre forskellige farver, så der er noget for alle! Endnu engang forstår jeg hvorfor de er et hit. De er så super lækre og bløde, nemme at arbejde med og endda vildt pigmenteret. Jeg er simpelthen nødt til at prøve de andre også, for hold nu op hvor var det en fantastisk oplevelse. Dem vil jeg 100% anbefale! PS farverne er endnu flottere i virkeligheden! Køb “Must Have Naturals” her:

DSC02377IMG_1522 IMG_1524

Denne lipliner er også fra Milani (03 Nude), farven er en pæn neutral nude og kan bruges sammen med mange forskellige læbestifter. Den koster kun 45 kr, hvilket er super billigt og noget alle har råd til, blot en af grundene til jeg elsker dette makeup mærke. Lige da jeg fik den, afprøvede jeg den på min hånd og den blev siddende i 2 dage trods det jeg vaskede hænder 100 gange, det havde jeg ikke forventet. Kæmpe bonus! Den er nem at påføre, ikke den mest bløde blyant jeg har prøvet, men stadig pigmenteret og god kvalitet. Den kan købes her:

Jeg fik også L’Oréal False Lash Telescopic Mascara og OH MY GOD … Hvis ikke I ejer den allerede, GO! Jeg er så sur på mig selv over, at jeg ikke har prøvet den noget før. Den har været populær i evigheder! Den har den mest perfekte børste, der gør det nemt at påføre og så får du bare de flotteste vipper med det samme. Den klumper ikke, den smuldrer ikke, og så holder den HELE dagen uden problemer. Jeg ved allerede, at jeg ikke kommer til at bruge andre end denne, jeg er så sindssygt imponeret. Jeg fik endda min mot til at købe en også, det siger vidst det hele. Bonus: den er sat 32% ned lige nu!! Køb den her: 


Clarins Instant Light Radiance Complexion Base fandt jeg utrolig spændende. Det er en illuminating primer, som kan købes i 3 farver:

Rose (lysner alle complexions)
Champagne (korrigerer rødme)
Peach – genskaber udstråling til mellemstore og mat hud

Jeg fik den i farven Rose og den har et lyserødt skær, men når først du har puttet den i ansigtet, er den stort set gennemsigtig. Den dufter af parfume og giver dig den perfekte glød, uden du kommer til at ligne en disco ball. Min makeup holdte perfekt, og det er helt klart et produkt jeg vil komme til at bruge tit. Og så føles den fugtgivende, hvilket min tørre hud elsker! Kan købes her:


Det var det hele! Jeg har helt klart fået nye favoritter og jeg er vildt imponeret, jeg elsker at finde makeup, som jeg ikke kan leve uden. Tak fordi I gad at læse med 🙂


Dette indlæg er lavet i samarbejde med 

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15. juni 2016

Det er endelig blevet sommer og derfor har jeg udvalgt nogle lækre sommer favoritter, som er must haves!


Den smarte taske er fra Nelly, lige nu kan du via Rabble finde en masse fede rabatter, blandt andet fri fragt!  Den er perfekt til en tur på stranden eller en shoppingtur. Den koster 349,- og kan købes HER.

Solbriller er et must om sommeren, jeg har fundet et fedt par på Miinto, her kan du også via Rabble finde rabatteer.  De koster 199,- og kan købes HER.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation ejer jeg allerede og jeg elsker at bruge den om sommeren, fordi det er en meget tynd foundation, som er let at have på. Din hud kommer til at se sund og frisk ud og så giver den en lækker glow. Den er fra ASOS, på rabble kan du finde rabatter.  Den koster 119,- og kan købes HER.

Jeg fandt det lækreste set på Nelly, som endda er sat 30% ned. Jeg synes personligt det er det perfekte sommer outfit. Det koster kun 125,- og kan købes HER.

Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Lotion SPF25 er også fra Nelly. Det er en beskyttende lotion med glimtende effekt på huden, hvilket jeg ELSKER på denne årstid. Den koster 129.- og kan købes HER.

Sidst, men ikke mindst: Fresh Lips fra Ole Henriksen. Det er vigtigt at pleje sine læber, og denne lækre læbebalsam indeholder salicylsyre, kakao-smør og blomster voks og er både fornyende og blødgørende. Den fedter heller ikke, hvilket er et kæmpe plus. Den koster 145,- og kan købes HER.

Det var det! Håber I fandt nogle lækre ting, jeg er i hvert fald vild med disse produkter xo


Dette indlæg er lavet i samarbejde med Rabble 

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13. juni 2016

Smashbox is one of my favorite makeup brands, they make the most beautiful and pigmented makeup. I’ve been testing all of these products and finally have an opinion on them. Smashbox is in the high end category, so their products are a bit pricey – but you get something for your money, I promise. Spoiler: I have yet to be disappointed.

All of the products are from, definitely make sure to check it out (or .com if you’re not from Denmark), they have so many amazing products.

Let’s start with the palette. This is genius, you get 3 brow products, contour/bronzer and highlight products, and a lot of eyeshadows. So convenient.This is the perfect every day palette. I was afraid that the face products would be too dark for my skin tone, but they matched perfectly. Do NOT judge it when you look at it. Do not take this for granted. It may look like it’s not something you really need in your life, but once you swatch everything … WOW. I liked it, but after that I fell in love. The shades are absolutely perfect, smooth and insanely pigmented. Now there is some fall out because of how pigmented they are, but it doesn’t really bother me. Just tap the excess off and you’ll be good to go.

I know Smashbox had a palette where the shadows weren’t on point and not that pigmented, but that’s not the case with this one.


You can also use the brow & face products as eyeshadow!


I also really liked the brush that comes with it. Normally I always throw them out, but this is a keeper.


To the left, you have 3 brow products and then you have the bronzer, contour, under eye setting powder and highlight. The highlighter is a hidden gem, it’s beyond amazing! I had my ABH kit ready to mix, because normally these types of highlighters sucks, but I didn’t even have to use it. It’s so good!


Here’s the shadows. The perfect colors for me. They may look a bit boring, but trust me: once you swatch them or put them on your lid, they are pure perfection and you will die. And A+ for the transition shade.

You can buy the palette here:

I also got the Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in the color Baked Starblush. I always wanted to try this, so I was excited to test it out. It’s a disc of five baked, glimmering shades to bring a soft veil of shimmer to the complexion. You can use it as highlighter, blush and even eyeshadow. I like to swirl them all together and put it on my cheeks. Super pretty!

You can buy it here:


Now for the lip products! Let’s start with the lip liners. These are the Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liners. The light pink color is called “Frenchie” and the nude is called “Nude Fair”. Both super beautiful colors, right up my alley! They go on smooth and creamy and they last all day. Buy them here:



I got the cream lipstick in “Pretty Social”. These vitamin-fortified cream colors do not settle unevenly on the lips or dry out. Their moisturizing, satin-smooth formula softens and protects lips with shea butter and vitamins C and E. LOVE! I really love the formula, it looks beautiful on the lips and goes on really smooth.

Buy it here:



EXCUSE THE CAT HAIR. With two cats they’re everywhere. (cat ladies, you feel me?)



Here I’m wearing the lipliner “Frenchie” and the lipstick “Pretty Social”


The last one is the Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer. It’s been talked about a lot and people wondered if it actually works. It’s a gel that transforms any cream lipstick and creates a velvety-matte finish. I tried it on the cream lipstick I talked about before and yes it does work. This is perfect for makeup artists and even regular makeup lovers at home. It quickly became a trend to have matte lipsticks, now everything is matte. So if you have a favorite cream lipstick that you wish was matte – this is the perfect tool.

Buy it here:


And that’s it! I hope you guys liked it. I will 100% recommend everything and advice you to check out Smashbox Cosmetics if you haven’t already!


This post is sponsored by Smashbox, I received free products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 

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12. juni 2016

Hi guys! I’ve been trying the Face Modeling Contour Palette from Cailyn Cosmetics and really wanted to do a review on it.

I heard so many good things about the brand and after trying it myself, this is my conclusion: they deserve MUCH more recognition, honestly.


Let’s talk about the packing. It feels expensive, it’s sleek and just absolutely beautiful. The palette is actually quite big and so is the mirror – nice bonus!


These powders are so finely milled, they feel super luxurious, even more buttery and soft than the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills (sorry, but it’s true!). The colors fit me quite well. They are super pigmented and they blend beautifully. The palette is $52 ($68 with brush) and I know it’s in the high end category, but trust me when I say this: you NEED this in your life. I’m tempted to buy the cream version too. I also really want to try the rest of their products – what if they’re just as good? I feel like I’m missing out.

There’s a primer in the palette, which I thought was very interesting and different. I don’t think I will use it that much, just because I have some other ones that I use daily.

I have used this more than my Anastasia palette and that has never happened before. I hope that shows how much I love it. Buy it here:





I didn’t swatch the Primer and the Finish powder, you wouldn’t be able to see them, because they’re basically just white. All in all I really like this and would 100% recommend!



This post is sponsored by Cailyn Cosmetics, I received free products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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