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november 2015


28. november 2015

It is finally here! Urban Decay is out with their new eyeshadow palette. They partnered with Gwen to create her ultimate eyeshadow collection. There are 15 shades and they are beyond gorgeous! With an insane range of neutrals and a few jewel tones to mix things up, this palette is amazing.

Even the packaging is awesome. I really like the colours. I like that they keep it pretty neutral but also added some pop of colour for those who likes it. Basically everyone can get this palette and be able to use it.

So where can you find it? It’s now available at www.urbandecay.com  and then I read this: “What I’ve seen from retailers (both Ulta Beauty and Sephora) is December 1st for their launch.” Now I’m quoting this, because I live in a place, where I don’t have those stores, but wanted to help out my american readers so hopefully that’s useful!

Still not sure if I’m going to buy this one, but I do think the eyeshadows are really pretty. My thoughts are just … “Do I really need it” you know? I wanna hear you guys’ thoughts. Is this palette on your wishlist or are you going to skip this one? Let me know!





25. november 2015

I thought I’d make a guide, since there’s a lot of different things being released around christmas and you can save a lot of money! It can easily be confusing and hard to keep up with all of the new things.

MAC has a huge christmas collection out, some of it you can still get. They came out with two new highlighters, pigments, brushes etc. It’s almost hard to choose! Check it out:  http://www.maccosmetics.com/collections-dark-desires


Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks is the perfect holiday set! It retails for $36This set set contains three deluxe Melted Lipsticks and three coordinating deluxe Love Flush blushes. You can find it HERE. 


Tarte came out with an amazing blush palette, that I’m absolutely in love with. It retails for $44.00 and you get five long-wearing, pigmented powder blushes. It is limited edition and so far I’ve only found it on Amazon where it’s even more expensive. You can also check your local Sephora, maybe you’re lucky and will be able to find it. If you really wanna get your hands on it and you’re willing to pay extra, you can find it HERE.



Stila is also out with a few cool things. I already showed you the limited edition set I got (here) but they also came out with “Sending You Love 4 Piece Collection” which you can find HERE. There’s also a discount, so hurry up!


The next one is their Sealed With A Kiss Lip Glaze Deluxe 6 Piece Collection. Also with a discount! HERE.


bareMinerals 9 Piece Get Started Kit Light. An amazing way to try out their products! There is everything from foundation to brushes, get it HERE.



Here’s a few ideas, I could go on because honestly, there’s a ton of collections out there! If you need even more, check out Benefit – they have sooo many sets right now! Hope you guys could use some of this! xo


23. november 2015

Hi Benebabes! I finally got the limited edition set “Party Poppers” from Benefit, it was so hard to wait for it to come! It comes with 12 products (small sizes) and it’s a great way to try out a bunch of their things before spending a lot of money on the full sizes. And for example there are two small highlighters which you won’t run out of for a long time, because you only need a little, genius! Another cool thing .. IT SINGS! Yep that’s right. When you open it, their original “Bene-song” will begin and you can’t help but smile.

And when you first open the box, your eyes will meet this. How cute is that?! I went crazy. I will keep that paper forever, that’s how I knew it was worth every penny.


This is what the set looks like before you open it. As you can see, this costs $45 and the value is $93! Another reason to buy this.IMG_8395

Now to the products: as I said, you get 12 products and they’re all behind a number, just like a christmas calendar.


Greedy as always I opened them all at once.


And there you have it! With this set you get:

  • they’re real! lengthening mascara deluxe sample
  • BADgal lash volumizing mascara deluxe sample
  • the POREfessional face primer deluxe sample
  • ultra plush lip gloss deluxe sample in hoola
  • ultra plush lip gloss deluxe sample in sugarbomb
  • they’re real! eye makeup remover deluxe sample
  • watt’s up! highlighter deluxe sample
  • high beam face highlighter deluxe sample
  • ooh la lift under-eye brightener deluxe sample
  • lollitint cheek & lip stain deluxe sample
  • rockateur blush deluxe sample
  • total moisture facial cream deluxe sample

If you want a review on some of the things, just let me know! Also if you guys have ideas or something you want me to write about, feel free to comment here on the blog or my Instagram (mariamaadsen) 


19. november 2015

Hi guys! I’ve had some trouble with my computer, but I’m finally back! I’ve ordered a lot of makeup and the last couple of days I’ve received some if it, so I thought I’d do a mini haul.

The first thing I’m going to show you, is a blush from Milani that I’ved wanted for so long, it’s their insanely popular rose blush in “romantic rose”. So beautiful and pigmented! Milani actually liked this picture on Instagram and I had a heart attack, just saying.


Next is the Anastasia Beverly Hills illuminator in “Starlight”. Perfect for us pale girls! I was going crazy when I got it, even my mom was jealous – not that I blame her because that highlighter is FLAWLESS. Originally I wanted to wait until it would be available in my country, but oh my god you guys .. I couldn’t do it. I found an English  website where all of their illuminators/highlighters were available AND they shipped to Denmark. I took that as a sign!

You can find it here: cultbeauty.co.uk


The next thing I got was the limited edition set from Stila. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to be mine. First of all: you get 12 eyeshadows, a lip gloss AND a mascara! It was cheap and even had a discount. The eyeshadows are INSANE. I can’t even begin to tell you how creamy and pigmented they are. On top of that, the colours are so beautiful it actually hurts looking at it and look at the packaging!

So I’ve tried the mascara .. At first when I saw the wand I was like “nope”, but I tried it anyway and holy ****. I’ve never tried anything like it. My lashes looked so good and I will definitely repurchase it. I’m still in shock. I got this set from beautybay.

FYI: Stila Cosmetics liked both of my pictures .. Fangirl moment!



Last but not least, another highlighter! This one is from the amazing brand Pür Minerals. I’ve talked about this brand before. I had no high hopes for this one. I’ve heard good things about it, but I wasn’t sure if it was for me.

Then I tried it and it was magical. I’d say it’s just as good as the ABH highligher. Just a lot cheaper! I would actually say that it reminds me a lot of The Balm’s mary lou manizer. Very very pigmented and you don’t need much before you’re glowing like never before. This can also be found on beautybay!


So guys I have some very exciting things coming up, I can’t wait to show you! Btw this was my first post in english .. So weird and exciting at the same time. I’m just so glad  I got to blog again. Stay tuned!

Kære læsere

17. november 2015

Jeg håber inderligt, at I vil tage jer tid til at læse dette indlæg. Hvis I følger min Instagram (@mariamaadsen), så ved I nok allerede nu, hvad dette handler om.

På diverse sociale medier har jeg mange followers og 90% af dem er fra udlandet. Derfor skriver jeg også engelsk de steder.  Jeg har længe haft det dårligt med, at mine amerikanske followers ikke kan følge med i min blog, da jeg ved de fleste af dem også interesserer sig for beauty. Så eftersom størstedelen læser/skriver engelsk, vil jeg lave en prøveperiode på bloggen, hvor jeg skriver mine indlæg på engelsk. For det første har jeg nemmere ved at skrive engelsk, og for det andet synes jeg bare det er et langt pænere sprog. Og så vil alle kunne følge med! Dog har jeg stadig mine kære danske læsere, som jeg tænker på .. Og jeg ville være vildt ked af, hvis I havde noget imod det eller synes det var irriterende, så derfor vil jeg gerne bede jer efterlade en kommentar. Ville I have det okay med det?


Så har jeg tænkt, at når jeg har et samarbejde med et dansk firma, så vil jeg skrive det sponsoreret indlæg på dansk, da det ville give mest mening.

Jeg håber I ikke er alt for trætte af det, let me know!


15. november 2015

Har I fået fat i den ultra populære palette fra Morphe? Den bliver konstant udsolgt, dog er det ikke limited edition, så den vil altid være her! Den var endelig kommet igen i USA, men 5 minutter efter var den revet væk. Det er der dog ikke noget at sige til, det er en af deres bedste paletter! Skal nok opdatere jer, når den kommer på lager i Danmark igen!

Morphe er kendt for deres fantastiske kvalitet og billige priser – det er blandt andet derfor, det er et af mine yndlings mærker og de skuffer aldrig. Denne palette er simpelthen alt, hvad man kunne ønske sig i efterårssæsonen og man er ikke i tvivl om, at det er det den er er inspireret af. Jeg kan ikke beskrive, hvor flotte farverne er. Man skal næsten se dem i virkeligheden, for billedet yder dem slet ikke retfærdighed. Farverne er vildt pigmenterede og nemme at arbejde med, så hvis I har mulighed for at få fat i den, når den kommer igen – do it!



11. november 2015

www.mimaado.dk/eos har lige nu et fantastisk tilbud på EOS’ læbepomader. Nogle af dem er sat helt ned til 15 kr, det kan alle vidst være med på! Jeg er selv stor forbruger, da jeg ofte går med læbestift/liquid lipstick, som gør at mine læber bliver tørre. Jeg fik tilsendt ST. Barth’s sunrise (pink grapefruit), Aloha Hawaii (strawberry kiwi) og Indian Summer (orange blossom). De dufter himmelsk, er i smukke farver og cute design. De er bløde og er lette at have med på farten.

www.mimaado.dk har et stort udvalg, så der er til hver smag – man kan endda selv blande 3 forskellige. Skynd jer, mens tilbudet stadig gælder!


Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡