12. december 2015

I finally got it. I know, I’m late! Again I wanted to wait buying it, but for some reason I didn’t catch the fact that it’s limited edition, so I panicked and ordered it. I understand if some of you think this is a lame post since it’s been out for so long, but I’m really excited and happy and wanted to share this with you! I’m surprised it wasn’t that expensive (not that I complain!). And as any ABH product: it’s perfect. YEP not much of a review here – I LOVE it. The colors are outstandingly beautiful, buttery and pigmented. I never buy a palette if there’s too many shades I know I won’t use – and this one is just so on point. I needed these colors in my life!



There’s fourteen shades and you can create sooo many different makeup looks.


  • Pink Champagne (rose gold with a titanium finish)
  • Metallic Plum (dark plum with a metallic finish)
  • Self-Made (deep bronze with a satin finish)
  • Witchy (khaki gray with a sparkle finish)
  • Blush (light beige with a duo chrome pink finish)
  • Blossom (lilac pink with a metallic finish)
  • Buttery (buildable beige with an ultra-matte finish)
  • Deep Purple (amethyst purple with a titanium finish)
  • Treasure (ultra-light Champagne with a metallic finish)
  • Hot & Cold (rum brown with a metallic finish)
  • Sherbet (ultra-light peach with a velvet finish)
  • Isla (sea foam green with a duo chrome gold finish)
  • Spirit Rock (galaxy black with a sparkle finish)
  • Hot Chocolate (rich, cocoa brown with an ultra-matte finish)

A must-have for an ABH addict!

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  • Svar Daniela 12. december 2015 at 14:40

    The colors are amazing! I love “spirit rock” 🙂

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