Hey my loves! So I’ve noticed that I manage to keep my blog pretty positive and I don’t often talk about products that disappointed me, so I thought… Why not do something different?

    Keep in mind: I love all of these brands, just because these things didn’t work out for me, doesn’t mean I hate the makeup brands. And maybe you love some of these, for some reason I just didn’t ūüôā

    Okay let’s start with a foundation. This is the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin foundation. I know a lot of people don’t like this one and I’m sadly one of them. The colors were off, I didn’t like the way it looked on my skin and it was just hard to work with. I have other foundations from Maybelline that I love, but this one was a fail!


    This is the baked highlighter from e.l.f in Moonlight Pearls. This one is cheap so I’ll live, but I just thought it looked so beautiful and wanted to give it a try. It’s not pigmented .. At all. I tried to spray it with some fix+ and though it’s better .. I’m still not satisfied. I’ll stick to my expensive highlighters instead.


    The next thing is this lipstick from Wet n Wild. It came like this and it’s so patchy and very sheer. I used it once and it looked horrible on my lips. Never used it again.


    The body shop came out with a shade adjuster (a light and a dark one). This one a lot of people love, but I tried so many times to get it to work but it didn’t and it’s so sad because I was really excited and it was quite expensive. No matter how many drops I used, my foundation didn’t get lighter at all. I swear I tried everything!


    I hope you guys enjoyed this, let me know if you want to see more stuff like this xo



    Hi beauties! For a long time I didn’t care about mascara (crazy I know), only because I’ve always had very full long black lashes, people never believed me when I said I didn’t have mascara on. But then I got into it. I actually have way too many mascaras open right now (which gives me so much anxiety, girls you feel me), but I wanted to share my favorites with you. At first I thought I wouldn’t make this post because I didn’t have that many, but now I can see I have more than enough haha.

    I’m one of those people when I find something I love, I keep using it over and over again.


    So here they are. Some full sizes, some small ones to try out. I love every single one of these and I’m still so mad at myself for opening them all at once, but oh well .. I have a hard time keeping my fingers off new makeup!

    Disclaimer: I may be using words over and over again, because these are my favorites + how many different things can you say about mascaras haha)


    This one everyone and their mother knows about. It’s all over YouTube and with good reason. The¬†Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara is one of my favoriters. So black, no smudging and very easy to apply. It stays on all day, this is one I would re-purchase!


    Maybelline Illegal Length¬†has an amazing wand and it makes my lashes look so beautiful, this doesn’t smudge either.


    Max Factor Xperience Volumising Mascara. Now this is very old, but still works perfectly. I’ve used this for so long and it’s funny because I don’t have anything else from this brand, I didn’t like the things I tried out – but this one is so good!


    I’ve mentioned this one before. If you don’t own this already .. THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? It’s SO cheap and one of the best mascaras in the world. Wet n Wild Mega Length Mascara¬†works so good for the lower lashes. Again no smudging. I tried it for my upper lashes too and it’s just as amazing. It has the best wand EVER. Very tiny and fool proof!


    This one I got from a Stila set. It’s called Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. I fell in love with this. I heard some people didn’t like it, so I was scared to try. But I did and thank god! This gave me the most intense black long lashes. I will recommend buying the normal size, because on the small one, the brush makes it hard to apply. This is a keeper!


    Last but not least, a little size of Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara.¬†I knew I would love this one. I never got around to actually buying it because I already had so many that I tried out, but then I bought a set with this in it. I like it. Same thing with the wand as with Stila, buy the full version because it’s much easier to apply. Benefit never disappoints me!

    So there it is. You get something to choose from haha.


    Hey guys! I did a post about Mac’s liquid lipsticks (here) and I was pretty excited, now that they have finally arrived in Denmark, I thought I would share my thoughts.

    Sooo where do I start? You all know I’m a huge fan of Mac. I’m also a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. That’s why I freaked out like a crazy person when I heard that they would come out with some. And then I thought: FINALLY. A bit too late. A lot of different brands have been coming out with really good liquid lipsticks and I’ve always felt like Mac was behind. The price is¬†$20.00, but in Denmark it’s much more expensive, around $30 (200 kr), which I don’t think they’re worth. I’m sorry Mac, I love you, but you could’ve done a lot better.

    The liquid lipsticks c0me in beautiful colors, very hard to choose. I’m not a fan of the formula. It’s dry, it’s patchy,¬†it doesn’t last and I have so many other¬†liquid lipsticks that’s way better. If Mac had released these earlier I would be less hard on them because there wouldn’t be¬†much to choose from, but now companies have made a lot of amazing high quality¬†liquid lipsticks and Mac can’t keep up. I was¬†shocked. I really thought they would be one of the best and I will not spend so much money, when I can get 3 amazing ones for the same price.

    This was just my¬†opinion, but I did some digging and I’m not the only one (thank god). I’ve seen very bad reviews, barely any positive. Hopefully they’ll come out with a better formula at some point.

    Have you guys tried them?



    If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I LOVE Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve been using their highlighter every single day, I can’t put it down. So when I saw that they came out with glow kits I started sobbing. I HAVE to own them. They are so beautiful! There’s 4 shades in one kit. The good news: there’s something for everyone, which I truly appreciate.

    I think I’ll be buying the one called “Gleam”, since I’m fair. If you’re tan or darker, the other one is perfect!

    Can we just talk about the packaging?! They honestly never disappoint. You can layer shades together or wear them separately on eyes and body. Comment if you’re getting them! ūüôā



    I remember when¬†you could only find expensive contour kits, but luckily the drugstore brands have been working hard and have finally released a bunch of quality palettes. I can 100% say that these contour kits are worth the money. I’m really impressed. We started out with not that many choices and now it’s actually hard to choose. I love it!


    1: Brand new contour products from Wet n Wild! ¬†The first one is called Caramel Toffee, not a fan of the contour color, it’s a bit too orange but I LOVE the banana shade. It’s already so cheap, so I don’t mind buying it for just that. The other one is called Dulce De Leche and it’s perfect! The highlighter is also really good. Buy it HERE.

    2: NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. Not that long ago, it wasn’t¬†available in Denmark at all, but now it’s so easy to get your hands on it – thank god! There’s mixed reviews, but I personally love it. You get a lot of¬†variety, which is a huge plus. NYX is usually very cheap, but this palette is kind of expensive for a drugstore brand, but then again you get 8 shades. Buy it HERE.

    3: Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite drugstore brands. They have a lot of different contour sets, but I really like the Ultra Contour Palette. You also get highlighters with this. Buy it HERE.

    4: Maybelline Master Contour kit is also brand new. I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve seen so many good reviews. The highlighter is insane!¬†Buy it HERE.

    5:¬†Sleek Face Form¬†is very popular and comes in 4 different shades. It’s the ultimate face definition kit.¬†Very pigmented! Buy it HERE.¬†

    6: e.l.f¬†Studio Contour Palette. Another one of my favorite brands. SO cheap. There’s 4 shades you can mix and match. This would be perfect if you’re just starting out! Buy it HERE.

    7: The last one is from BH Cosmetics and it’s a¬†Contour & Blush Palette. Works for every skin tone and you can choose between two palettes.¬†Six universally versatile matte shades in both warm and cool tones. You can buy it HERE.



    Maybelline just came out with a new foundation AND a blender! I was so excited to try it out, even though it’s quite disappointing when it comes to drugstore foundations and their shade selection. If we look past that, I love when there’s new drugstore products, because they’re on this roll with releasing really good quality products.

    It’s a soft-matte hydrating foundation. The blender obviously needs to be damp like the regular beauty blenders. When I first tried it on my hands it felt really soft and easy to use, but when I was using it on my face, it felt stiff. I still prefer the beauty blender, but I am excited that the drugstore is starting to release some as well, because it is really needed! If you bought it and feel like you don’t know what to do with it (and you don’t like to apply foundation with it), use it to put on concealer and “baking”. I think it worked pretty well, it is perfect to use it for that because it can get all the way into your inner corner of your eyes and I actually really liked it.

    Now the foundation is a liquid, but feels a lot like¬†a mousse. Which is a good thing. In the name the word ‘hydrating’ is used and you can¬†definitely feel that when you’re putting it on. To get the best coverage, use a brush. Since I got the beauty blender I barely use brushes to apply foundation, but with this one I think it’s best to use a brush. I have pretty clear skin and no acne, so I don’t need a full coverage (though I prefer it). I did some research and found a couple of people, that said the foundation actually covered their acne and scarring (when using a brush).

    I would recommend this foundation for people with dry skin/dry patches, and if you love the full coverage (with or without acne), this would be perfect for you! I don’t know how this works for oily skin but I could imagine it wouldn’t be the best thing, since it is hydrating and kinda feel wet. Luckily the drugstore have a great selection for oily skin, so you should be able to find one if this won’t work for you.

    UntitledHope you guys enjoyed the review! ūüôā

    Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation: http://goo.gl/4b1fs1
    Maybelline Dream Blender: http://goo.gl/OoiouZ



    It’s winter and that means it’s extra important to take care of your skin. I personally love stuff from different brands, but I fell in love with Soap & Glory. I’m obsessed with their¬†packaging and their products¬†always smell amazing. Another thing I love about their products, is the fact that they actually work. I’m very picky when it comes to skin care.

    I always keep my skin moisturized and hydrated all year long, but especially during winter.

    Sugar Crush body scrub is seriously amazing. It smells like heaven and it actually helped me with any dry patches. After I’ve used this, I like to use their¬†Smoothie Star Body Buttercream. It is a nourishing 5-OIL body buttercream, which features pistachio, almond and coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. It will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. I mean, how can you not love it?

    I don’t have dry hands at all, but for those of you who does, their Hand Food cream is really good. It’s¬†non-greasy and with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow. YUM! The cream sinks in quickly (thank god) which is a huge plus for me, I hate putting on cream and have that disgusting feeling of it. (Maybe I’m just weird) Your hands will feel¬†hydrated and smooth.

    You can find all of the products here: http://www.ulta.com/ulta/a/Soap-Glory/_/N-1z12b80?ciSelector=searchResults

    If you’re from Denmark, you can find them here:¬†http://www.billigvoks.dk/soap_and_glory-2067.html


  • MORPHE 35T

    Hi beauties! So recently I’ve been using¬†the Morphe 35T (T for taupe) palette constantly. These colors are right up my alley. I’m seriously in love with it and I can’t put it down. I actually feel bad because it’s 100 times prettier in real life, the pictures don’t do it¬†justice. You can create ¬†so many different looks, so if you’re a beginner and maybe don’t want to spend a lot of money on high end palettes, this would be amazing to start out with. You get a lot of different eyeshadows and you¬†can create endless eye looks without using the same shadows over and over again.

    Now that I have it, I’m like…How the hell did I live without it? It’s no surprise that I’m a huge fan of Morphe. I’m not lying when I say their eyeshadows are better than Mac. It’s also a lot cheaper.

    This exact palette is actually on sale right now РMorphe just got a lot cheaper. Insane, right? You can find it here: http://www.morphebrushes.com/products/35t-35-color-taupe-palette

    DSC00178DSC00176DSC00177OH MY GOD. I swear these eyeshadows are going to kill me. 

    I was going to do some swatches, but the light¬†won’t cooperate with me, so I’m really sorry about that. If you really want to see some though, let me know and I’ll try another day!