12. februar 2016

Hey guys! In my last post I talked about new liquid lipsticks and I mentioned that they are impossible to get off. Especially because one of them is waterproof. I also have my Stila liquid lipsticks and I have the same problem with them, for a while I didn’t know what to do really, I kinda didn’t want to put them on because I knew they would be on for daaaays. And then it hit me: you already know what to do. Stupid Maria! I wanted to make a post, because not everyone may know what to do or maybe have the same problem as me, so hopefully this is helpful!

It’s a fact that oil can get it off with no problem, the best thing is coconut oil. You can get it everywhere and it’s amazing! Plus it’s cheap.

You can use coconut oil in your food, smoothies but also for your skin, hair and lips (and so much more!). I can’t see why not to buy it. Truly amazing. And It’s so needed, because I want to use all of my liquid lipsticks and now I can without worrying.


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