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31. marts 2016

OMG! I knew they were coming out with more glowkits, but when I saw the sneak peek, I couldn’t control my excitement. This one is called “Sundipped” and in stores, there is already space for the new palette in their displays, so it may be coming soon. Goodbye money!

I know it’s hard to see what the colors actually look like in this picture, but I know they will be GORGEOUS and it’ll be just as amazing as the other glowkits. I will of course update you guys when we get more details!

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26. marts 2016

Hi my loves! You know I love sharing good drugstore founds with you. I’m sure a lot of you already know this item, it isn’t new at all, but I just had to make a blog post for the ones that have no idea it exists. I’m talking about the Wet n Wild “Walking On Eggshells” eyeshadow palette. It looks so plain and boring, but once you put it on the lid, you can really see how beautiful the colors are.

You get 3 colors and they are so smooth and easy to blend. I admit I mostly stay away from drugstore eyeshadows, but I knew this palette was good + it was so cheap so even if it sucked, it would be okay.


So here it is. The brow bone is a pretty champagne color, amazing as a highlight, the crease is the perfect brown shade and the eyelid is a pink champagne. So gorgeous. It looks even prettier once it’s on the lid.


Swatches. I would say that the pink champagne shade is a lot more pink in real life, this picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s almost a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow “Pink Champagne”, which is my all time favorite. The ABH one is a bit darker though.


I’ve had good time to try it out and I’m obsessed. I know I’m going to use this A LOT! If you don’t own it, you seriously should go buy it 🙂

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19. marts 2016

Color correcting is super popular at the moment, everyone is releasing so many new products, so I thought I would tell you guys about it and explain what it’s all about, for those of you who may be confused.

You can apply them in different ways, but I wills suggest during it under your foundation, I promise you won’t be able to see it after!

Green: The color green neutralizes the color red, so if you have a lot of redness on your skin, this will help you. You can use it for rosacea, windburn or sunburn, even a zit, or any acne scars.

Purple/lavender: Helps eliminate unwanted yellow undertones on your skin. It also helps with dullness and will add a glow to the skin.

Pink: It’s more salmon or peach, so don’t worry haha. It will brighten around the eye area, most used for dark under eye circles. This one I always use, so helpful.

Yellow: Hides purple/blue bruises, veins, and even under eye circles. If you’re very fair, it can be more noticeable, and that’s why a yellow concealer is great.

Orange: If you’re fair, it’s best to stay away from these. An orange concealer is perfect for darker skin tones, to hide dark under eye circles or other discoloration.

White: Be careful with this one. It can be used for highlighting and only use it in those areas of your face.

There’s also a BUNCH of different color correcting primers, so maybe a green primer would be easier, if you need it all over your face. That’s up to you! 🙂

colorcorrecting1. Benefit Cosmetics Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting Kit 2. Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette  3. BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector 4. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Wipeout Color-Correcting Palette 5. Smashbox Color Correcting Stick 6. Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer 7. Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid  

These are all a bit pricey, you can also find a lot of good drugstore ones, I just picked the ones that are new and just released! 🙂

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15. marts 2016

My first beauty box! I’m so excited. Every month I will do a blog post about the products and what I think. I ordered mine from www.lookfantastic.dk  but there’s also a www.lookfantastic.com,  so everyone can get their hands on it! I hate writing about products that some people won’t be able to purchase, so I’m doing my best to find something that works for everyone. Let’s talk about price. There’s different options, you can choose 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. I picked 12 months and only had to pay $16. I saved up to $67, and I thought .. What’s the catch? I actually wrote an email because I was sure I misunderstood something, but nope – it’s that cheap! WOW. I’m really impressed. You can see all the details here: http://www.lookfantastic.dk/health-beauty/offers/beauty-box.list?widget_id=119385

The box is BEAUTIFUL. You get a different box every month with different themes. This time it’s called the #lfexplorer edition. They brought together specially selected skincare and makeup products from around the world.

usethisusethis2usethis4Also got a huge Elle magazine!

There are 4 skincare products and 2 makeup items.

Codage Masque Hydratant Moisturizing Mask: it’ll leave your skin feeling nourished and looking it’s healthiest. Perfect for me, since I have dry skin!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: this super-emollient skin healer nourishes, protects and hydrates dry and itchy skin. It’s instantly absorbed, with no oily feeling afterwards. It’s amazing for sensitive skin.

NUXE Créme Prodigeiuse: a lightweight moisturizer that helps to reduce inflammation and redness- Free from Parabens and non-comedogenic, so it doesn’t block pores. It’s suitable for all skin types.

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water: gently cleanses and removes make up. Skin is left well moisturized, soothed, clean and soft.

I am so impressed. I can use ALL these skincare products, it’s not often that happens. It’s perfect for my skin, I couldn’t be happier.

For the make up:

Revlon Colorburst Lip Balm. So pigmented and so creamy, wow. I love Revlon, so I was really pleased. It’s infused with a triple butter complex of Shea, Mango and Coconut Butter. My FAVORITES. The color is a beautiful soft pink, and it’s so hydrating. I will be using this constantly.

The last thing that came in this box was a cute pink brush from Lottie London. It’s soft and I can’t wait to use it!

I’m so glad I quit the other box and ordered this instead. Can’t wait for next month. I’m 100% satisfied!


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14. marts 2016

www.pureshop.dk  har rigtig mange lækre hudpleje produkter og makeup, så da jeg fik muligheden for at arbejde sammen med dem og prøve nogle af deres ting, blev jeg virkelig glad. Jeg modtog Suki Skin Care’s Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser, som er deres bestseller. Sådan beskrives den: 

” 100% naturlig, luksuriøs exfolierende ansigtsrens. Få en ren, blød og lækker hud med suki skin cares super lækre og himmelskduftende ansigtsrens, exfoliate foaming cleanser, der udglatter huden, dybderenser tilstoppede porer og exfolierer døde hudceller – helt økologisk! Denne skønne rens, exfoliate foaming cleanser, er til alle hudtyper og indeholder bl.a. citrongræs, kamille og C-vitamin. En opfriskende exfolierende rens med naturlige AHA-frugtsyrer, som blidt reducerer ujævnheder i huden, fjerner døde hudceller og udglatter fine linier og rynker. Massér i fugtige håndflader for at aktivere skummet. Masseres herefter forsigtigt ind i huden og skylles af. Afslut med toner, serum/creme.” 

Pris kr. 299,-/120 ml. Du får virkelig meget produkt, og det vil tage lang tid før du får det hele brugt, så det er helt klart en bonus. Den kan købes her: http://www.pureshop.dk/suki-skin-care/exfoliate-foaming-cleanser

Hvis nogen af jer bor i København, så kan I kigge forbi Grønnegade 36, hvor personalet, som er kosmetologer, viser deres økologiske hudplejemærker (der er mulighed for at prøve testerne, som står på hylderne). De hjælper med rådgivning og vejledning, man behøver ikke engang at bestille tid. I butikken yder de desuden 10% rabat ved køb over 400,-. 

Jeg har været heldig med min hud, men derfor skal den stadig passes og plejes og jeg elsker at forkæle mig selv. Når jeg leder efter hudpleje produkter, er det lige præcis sådan noget her jeg går efter. For at kunne lægge en god makeup, er det også vigtigt at have styr på sin hud. At bruge et produkt som dette, gør at din foundation kommer til at se langt bedre ud og sætter sig pænt. Jeg kan se stor forskel, de dage jeg er hoppet over, så nu sørger jeg for at rense og fugte den hver gang. Bare et godt tip! 🙂

Jeg har kun lige prøvet den en enkelt gang og laver selvfølgelig et opfølgende indlæg (med mange flere detaljer), når jeg har givet den mere tid, men indtil videre… er jeg virkelig imponeret. Hold nu op. Min hud var så glat og lækker efter jeg brugte den. Mit ansigt føltes helt anderledes, det er ellers ikke tit, at jeg kan mærke forskel efter første gang. Jeg holder jer opdateret!


Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡

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10. marts 2016

Hi my loves! As soon as I get my paycheck I’m buying makeup. And spend most of it. I know, it’s bad. So I have another haul for you guys, not as big as I wanted it to be, but I’m saving the rest of my money, so I can buy makeup later this month. Look at me being an adult!

Anyway, I got some goodies, both drugstore and high end so there’s something for everyone.


If you follow me on social media, you already know that I finally got my hands on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ liquid lipstick in Pure Hollywood and I swear I cried. It’s impossible to get in Denmark, you can’t buy it here, BUT a online store opened and they began selling it. First they didn’t have the colors I wanted, but I stalked them and when I saw they got Pure Hollywood, I was the first to get my hands on it and I’ve used it ever since. It quickly became my holy grail. I was afraid it was going to be too nude, since I’m really pale and it’s tricky with shades like that, but it looked PERFECT. So happy! I bought it here


Another thing that’s (almost) impossible to get in Denmark, is the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation. At least for me, because I don’t live anywhere near a Sephora. I did find a website that’s shipping to Denmark, the only catch: shipping is $14,72 which is a lot, but I wanted this foundation for so long, so I caved in. I bought it HERE.


From the same website I also got the RCMA loose powder, that I talked about in another post. Found it on 4 different websites but it was sold out, but not on this website. Lucky me! On my FB page, you can see the links and sign up to get an email when it’s back in stock: https://www.facebook.com/beautybymadsen/


From Wet n Wild, I got the popular Rose Champagne Glow To Reflect Shimmer Palette. I like it, but after some time it got a bit patchy. You don’t just get a highlight, but also a bit color which I really liked. I have to try it a bit more, but it’s nice.

DSC00462 DSC00466

Also from Wet n Wild I got the Mega Glo Illuminating Powder in Strike-A-Pose-Rose. It looked different online, so when I got it, it was a bit disappointing. It looks kinda scary in the picture, but I think it’ll be great once I play around with it.


You guys know how much I love Rimmel’s Kate Moss line, especially the lipsticks, so I had to try the Kate Sculpting Face Kit. I LOVE the packaging, wow. Looks so pretty. You get a highlight, a contour (though it’s more of a bronzer) and a blush. It comes in 3 different colors. The contour is more warm in real life and unfortunately a bit too orange. I think the other shades would be better, but I can live with it. I really like the blush, the highlight .. Not very pigmented. But if you want to have a natural highlight, this would be perfect.


So for liquid lipsticks besides the ABH one, I got 3. The first one is Milani in Adorable. Similar to Pure Hollywood, but a bit darker. The liquid lipsticks from Milani was limited edition but they brought it back and I snatched it really quick. I was so mad I didn’t get it the last time. Sadly I heard this color and formula is bad, but the other ones should be good. I haven’t tried it yet, so I guess I’ll have to see.


The other two are from Stila. I already own a lot of them, but these colors are my favorites! Also holy grail, I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love them. They’re called Caramello and Baci. They have gold packaging (YESSS), where the “normal” Stila liquid lipsticks are black. These are limited edition, so keep that in mind.

I couldn’t get them to show up true to color on my camera, so I’m showing you pictures from Google, so you can see how beautiful they are.

Caramello and Baci.



I’ve been on a hunt to find a good drugstore eye primer. Milani came out with one and I had to try it. I was hoping it would cancel out the colors on my lid, but since it only has a tint, it didn’t. Not much to say about it, I like it but I don’t love it.



In this haul I also want to include the two things I bought from Sigma. A lipliner and a lipstick. Can we just talk about the packaging for a moment? So impressed. It feels expensive and high end. I saw this combination in a video and it looked beautiful. The lipliner is HUGE. Way bigger than Macs, it’ll take so long to finish it. It’s very creamy and easy to apply, definitely one of my favorites. The color is too dark on it’s own, so I like to fill in my lips with it and then put the lipstick on top. So pretty! They are a lot more nude/pink in real life. The lipstick formula is amazing, very pigmented and also really creamy.

The lipstick is called Dance Till Dawn and the lip liner is called In Fine Feather.


DSC00529 (1)


So that was it! Hope you enjoyed 🙂


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5. marts 2016

After Mat(e) Nude, theBalm is now introducing us to Matte Trimony. I wasn’t a big fan of the colors from the last palette, but I know people loved it and had many amazing things to say about it, so I was very happy when I saw this one, these colors are right up my alley!

How theBalm describes this palette: “Featuring nine versatile shades, these matt(e)s are ‘suit’able for any occasion. With a velvety smooth texture, triple-milled formula and true-to-pan payoff, your look will live on happily ever after. Always easy on the eyes, Meet Matt(e) Trimony transitions from business casual to black tie in no time.”

I NEED THIS! I’m going to be broke, but it will be worth it. It retails for $42.00 and you get nine shades. The eyeshadows are huge, so you get A LOT of color and it will take you a long time to hit pan, which is only a good thing.

theBalm is one of my favorite brands, with their cute packaging and amazing quality products, they do such a good job. The colors are all wearable and I see some perfect transition shades – they are my weakness! I never buy a palette if I don’t love most of the colors, because then I know I’ll never use it. These are all in my comfort zone and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. You can get the palette HERE.

For my amazing Danish readers: I will update you on my Facebook page, when this will be available in Denmark, so make sure you like my page to get an instant update: https://www.facebook.com/beautybymadsen/



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