The perfect organizer for liquid lipsticks (only $3.79!)

7. april 2016

Hi my loves. I have so many liquid lipsticks and no room for them. They’re all so pretty that I don’t want to put them away, I want them to be seen, so I’ve been looking for something that can hold them. The ones that I liked were so expensive, so I found this one on eBay. I have several organizers from there and they’re so cheap and PERFECT.

This organizer holds up to 24, and it’s perfect for liquid lipsticks, because it’s so deep. They aren’t going anywhere. I’m seriously so happy and had to tell you guys, you need it in your life! You can also use it for nail polish or other lip products.


Obviously I haven’t filled it with the rest of my liquid lipsticks yet, but I got so excited and had to try it out right away!

You can get it here:

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