Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette review & swatches

12. april 2016

GUYS! It finally happened. I am so late, but this was impossible for me to get my hands on, because I live in Denmark. I’m super excited and can barely write this blog post. Okay pull it together Maria!

I love Too Faced and their products, so I expected to love this palette. It obviously smells like chocolate, and it’s super fun and girly. I can’t even put it away, because it’s so cute! Chocolate Bon Bons is the third palette in their bestselling Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Collection. There is 14 brand new shades plus 2 cult favorites. It retails for $49.00. I might as well say this now: the eyeshadows are super soft, buttery and pigmented. Typical Too Faced, they rarely disappoints. They are so easy to work with and I can already say that this palette is one of the best ones I own. And I own A LOT.


There were a few shades that I looked at and was like “I’m never going to use those!”. But then I swatched them and they are gorgeous. I actually really like them and it really surprised me. What I really love about this palette: you get your perfect neutrals but you also get some colorful ones. There’s something for everyone.


A close-up of the shades. So beautiful!

For the swatches, I couldn’t have all of them on one arm, so that’s why there’s a few pictures. I also couldn’t get the text with the names on them, so I’m really sorry about that.

From right to left: Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Dark Truffle, Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Pecan Praline, Café Au Lait, Totally Fetch, Sprinkles, Bordeaux,  Earl Grey. The last two (Bordeaux,  Earl Grey) I accidentally messed up, so just ignore them in this picture. ↴


A close-up of the first few shades. From right to left: Almond Truffle, Cashew Chew, Dark Truffle, Satin Sheets, Cotton Candy, Pecan Praline, Café Au Lait, Totally Fetch, Sprinkles. ↴


And a close-up of the last ones. From right to left: Bordeaux,  Earl Grey and after Earl Grey I added Molasses Chip. ↴


And these are the last one! From right to left: Mocha, Malted, Black Currant, Divinity. ↴


If any of these look patchy, it is MY fault. I was shaking and had a hard time, just trust me when I say these eyeshadows are my all time favorites and they look so good on the lid. I have no complains at all.


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  • Svar Inu 12. april 2016 at 12:58

    Hej Maria 🙂
    Jeg er blevet nomineret til at lave en blog award, og jeg har nu valgt at nominere dig! Det går ud på at du skal besvare 11 spørgsmål jeg har stillet, skrive 11 facts om dig selv, og derefter nominere 11 andre bloggere til at svare på 11 spørgsmål, som du finder på! Du kan læse mere om det på min blog og se dine spørgsmål.

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  • Svar Rika Edelgren 12. april 2016 at 13:22

    Den er bare SÅ lækker den pallette! Jeg ville ønske at jeg selv havde råd til den 🙂

    Jeg har valgt at nominere dig til en Liebster award, så hvis du vil være med på legen, kan du læse mere på min blog. 🙂

    • ♡ Maria ♡
      Svar ♡ Maria ♡ 12. april 2016 at 13:24

      Ja den er simpelthen fantastisk, håber du får råd til den på et tidspunkt! 🙂

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