23. august 2016

Hi guys! Everyone is talking about it, but I had to make a blog post, because it’s just so beautiful. I got it a while ago, but had no time to write about it – so it’s about time! I’m talking about the new blush palette from Morphe called 9N. They had some before this, but it never really interested me that much, I didn’t care for the colors, but when this came out, I instantly fell in love and knew I had to have it! These shades are so pigmented and soft, you need to be very careful when you dip your brush in it, it’s that pigmented! The Naturally Blushed Palette gives you 5 creamy matte shades and 4 stunning luminous tones that fit every skin tone, which I LOVE! I think this is something everyone needs in their makeup collection, you get a lot of product and some amazing colors that everyone can use.


For my Danish followers, I bought it here (you can save $$ right now):

You can also get it on Morphe’s website:



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  • Svar Henriette Celin 23. august 2016 at 11:24

    Så veldig fint ut!

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