25. september 2016

Hi guys! The Sleek Solstice palette was a huge hit and I was so excited when I saw they came out with another one called “Cleopatra’s Kiss”. Of course I had to have it! This has more gold shades, it includes two powders and two cremes and has the same gold packaging. It’s also just as pigmented and gives you the most amazing highlight.

I would say the new one has more “normal” shades, but it’s not for all skin tones. I can use a few of the shades on my pale skin, they’re very dark-gold, but I don’t mind it since it is so affordable. I love the Solstice palette, a lot of people may look at it and think the colors are off, but it’s so easy to make them work and they all look good on the skin, even though it seems like they’re bold colors for a highligther. I actually like the creme colors more in the new Cleopatra’s Kiss palette!

If you have no idea what to do with the creme shades: I think they’re too sheer to wear alone, so I like to use them as a base before the powder highlight. This will make is a lot more extreme/extra glowy, which … Hello yes please!

I would 100% recommend both of these.



Now for the swatches. It was hard for me to get the cremes to show in pictures, so I’m sorry about that guys! They all look so much prettier in person and even better on the skin, just FYI.

The first two are the powders and the last two are the cremes!


IF you’re from Denmark, you can buy it here:

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  • Svar sophie 25. september 2016 at 13:40

    Shit for nån nydelige farger, tror kanskje jeg må investere i et selv ! 🙂

    • beautybymadsen
      Svar beautybymadsen 25. september 2016 at 14:00

      Ja de er virkelig flotte, helt klart pengene værd! 🙂

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