Hej my loves <3 Som I kan se, er jeg begyndt at modtage goodiebox igen og selvfølgelig vil jeg rigtig gerne dele det med bloggen! Så det kan I godt forvente hver måned. Denne gang indeholder den 5 produkter, hvor 4 af dem er full-size, hvilket er ret vildt! Det er jeg meget imponeret over. Virkelig fede mærker og så er jeg altså helt vild med selve kassen!


    Karamameju Love Face Mist: En af mine favoritter! Den har en duft af roser, som er fugt-boostende hudpleje og velvære i et og samme produkt. Man kan bruge den som toner eller bare til at friske ansigtet op i løbet af dagen. Alle ved, at jeg besat af sådan nogle produkter. Jeg kan simpelthen ikke undvære dem! Kunne ikke blive andet end glad, da jeg så den og jeg har brugt den konstant.

    Maria Nila Cream Heat Spray: Endnu et virkelig lækkert produkt, denne gang til håret. Den beskytter farvet hår, beskytter mod varme og UV og gør håret blødt og lækkert! Jeg er så dårlig til at bruge hårprodukter, det har aldrig været noget jeg er gået op i, men det har ændret sig og især dette produkt er jeg blevet ret glad for. Produktet er som alle andre Maria Nila produkter 100 procent veganske. Sådan!

    Grown Alchemist Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Yesss, min tørre hud takker! Det er en full-size dagcreme, som koster næsten 300 kr, hvilket jeg blev meget overrasket over. For mig gør det alene goodieboxen det hele værd! Den indeholder blandt andet beroligende kamille og den efterlader din hud silkeblød. Desuden gennemfugter den huden helt uden at fedte og er derfor perfekt til at påføre både morgen og aften, enten for sig selv eller inden makeup. Det er det jeg altid forlanger. Jeg HADER cremer, der fedter og føles ubehagelige at have på. Jeg kan slet ikke beskrive, hvor meg jeg elsker den her.

    ClEAN Lovergrass: Clean har de mest fantastiske dufte, så jeg var helt oppe at køre over den her. Det er en roll on 5ml, og hold nu op, hvor dufter den godt! Perfekt til sommer.

    Starskin Glowstar, Foaming Peeling Perfection Puff: Endnu en af de mærker jeg er helt vild med. Den fjerner døde hudceller, mindsker fine linjer og booster din glød. Jeg har endnu ikke prøvet den, men jeg glæder mig! 

    5 helt fantastiske ting. Denne måneds goodiebox har en værdi på 843 kr, hvilket jo er fuldstændig crazy. Et medlemskab koster 169 kr. pr. måned, inkl. håndtering og forsendelse – det siger vel det hele? 100% pengene værd og mere til. 

    Tilmeld dig & få din egen Goodiebox HER!

    Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡


    Hi my loves! I wanted to do a different blog post today, I want to talk to you about 5 products I’ve been using and abusing for a while now – they’re currently some of my all time favorites and I just can’t put them down. Some of these aren’t available in Denmark and I’m so sorry about that – I still wanted to talk about them , because that’s simply what I’ve been using.

    CHARLOTTE TILBURY AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH POWDER: This powder is perfect for people with dry skin! It’s so hard to find powders like that, so this has been my go-to. It looks beautiful on the skin, you can put on a ton of layers and it’ll never look cakey. You simply can’t overdo it. It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing powder, yet it sets everything nicely. It really does make your face look airbrushed. And that packaging .. Man I get speechless every time I look at it. Yes it is expensive, but it’s worth it!

    OFRA BEVERLY HILLS HIGHLIGHTER: This highlighter is super popular, nothing new but it is for me. Normally I don’t like products like this, the color wheel type, but I don’t mind it with this one. It was bigger than I expected, thank god. I was worried about the size. You get five shimmering shades of golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and pinky-peach. You can of course mix them all together or use them separately. These are the perfect shades for me, when it comes to highlighters. They fit a ton of skin tones and you really can’t go wrong with it. I also love using them as eyeshadows! It’s pricey, which was one of the reasons I didn’t buy it right away, but I’m honestly glad I finally did.PHYSICIANS FORMULA BUTTER BRONZER: Okay so I’m extra late on this one, but I can’t get it in my country, so when I had the opportunity to get a friend to buy it for me when she was traveling, I had to! I’m pale and it’s almost impossible to find bronzers, so of course I had to do whatever I could to get my hands on it. And yes it is as good as everyone says! Love how it smells and how it looks on my skin. Not too orange, it’s easy to use and not too pigmented, which is good in this case – you can slowly build it up.COVERFX ILLUMINATING SETTING SPRAY: I buy everything that says ‘illuminating’ and I had my eyes on this since the day it was announced. Coverfx is one of my all time favorites brands, they never disappoint me and I just knew I had to try this. It’s an alcohol-free setting spray that provides instant illumination while giving your makeup serious staying power. It has an ultra-fine mist, I honestly haven’t tried anything like it before. It’s hard to explain how it feels, but you basically can’t feel it spray the product on your face. At all. And it’s almost like it’s in slow-motion. So weird, but really nice! It gives a luminous finish making this a perfect all-over highlighter for both face and body– and the more you mist, the more intense you glow. FYI: You have to shake it well before using it, or you’ll have small glitter all over your face. It also says this on the bottle, so remember that!STILA MAGNIFICENT METALS GLITTER & GLOW LIQUID EYESHADOW: These bad boys have been all over the internet. Everyone has been talking about them. I got them right when they came out and have been using them since. I only have 2 shades (Kitten Karma & Rose Gold Retro), because they’re REALLY expensive for a liquid eyeshadow. I’m buying more tho! These are insane. You really can’t compare them to anything, they’re crazy pigmented and glittery. I don’t think I have to say much, but oh my god they are intense. If you love glitter and sparkly stuff, these are perfect!

    • Rose Gold Retro (Rose gold with silver sparkle)
    • Kitten Karma (Champagne with silver and copper sparkle)

    That was it! Hope you liked it. I think I’m going to do these often! I kinda like sharing my favorites with you guys. I’ll do my best to include products everyone can get their hands on!


    Hi my loves! I got some things from Foreo, which is one of my favorite brands in the entire world. I’ve talked about them before. Some of the most interesting things I have ever tried.

    FOREO Night Cleanser $38.40: Foreo’s Celestial Melting Gel deeply cleanses and detoxifies the skin. It transforms from a silky gel to a velvety milk that cocoons the skin and brings comfort before going to bed. The formula is tailored to the skin’s specific nighttime needs. It features meteorite powder, moringa extract, and almond oil that cleanse deeply, exfoliate, and diminish the effect of pollution to reveal smooth, luminous skin. This is honestly amazing. I think it’s worth the money 100%. It’s the perfect pair with my Luna! It has a soft and soothing scent, which is amazing right before bed. I know it is a bit expensive, but a little goes a long way and it will last you a long time. It takes off all of my makeup, which I find hard. I usually use a ton of skincare products and different makeup removers before everything is gone, but it’s so much easier with this one. I only use 1 product and it gets rid of everything! I’m so impressed.

    (I can’t find this on their website, so keep an eye out)DSC08018Foreo LUNA™ mini 2 $139.00: A waterproof cleansing device for all skin types that deeply yet gently cleanses for healthier, radiant, more youthful-looking skin. The LUNA™ mini 2 marks a radical new approach to skin care by being the only facial-cleansing device that combines T-Sonic™ pulsations to effectively cleanse the skin with a nonabrasive silicone brush that remains totally gentle and pleasant to use on the face. And with its smart design, this compact, colorful, and travel-friendly device lasts up to five months from one full charge, and is fully waterproof for seamless integration into any skin care routine.

    I’m sure everyone has heard of these. They come in so many different colors and sizes. I have this cute light pink one. This is popular because it WORKS. This is not some stupid gimmick, but something everyone should invest in. This does everything it says and more. My skin looks so much better. When I get my period and break out a bit, this takes care of it. It makes your skin look smooth and gives you a nice massage! I have definitely seen a visible improvement, which I did not expect at all. If you look up reviews, they’re crazy positive. And that’s because this is truly a miracle product. Is it expensive? Yes! But you will never regret spending your money on it. It’s such a good investment.

    You can buy it here: https://www.foreo.com/luna-mini-2DSC08058

    DSC08061Foreo ISSA™ Hybrid Toothbrush $199.00: The ISSA™ Hybrid Brush is designed with soft, gentle silicone bristles for the gum area, while integrating PBT polymer bristles on the inner segment of the brush head cover the surface area of the teeth. This unique cross-design both massages and provides gums with a gentle cleaning as well as a stronger cleaning experience—making it perfect for those who have more plaque buildup. Its 3D flexible brush head allows it to reach every crevice of the mouth.

    Okay, so this I found extremely interesting. I’ve never seen anything like this before. The head is large and it did feel a bit weird the first few times, but once you get used to it, it’s alright. It does an excellent job of cleaning, but I still don’t reach for it as much, just because I’m so used to a ‘normal’ toothbrush. But it’s something I’ll keep trying.

    You can buy it here: https://www.foreo.com/issa?id=1227DSC08035

    DSC08047That was it! I have seriously used these products every morning and night. The fact that you actually can see the improvement after a while is so satisfying.  I always say this, but I’ll never recommend something I don’t believe in, especially not when they’re up there in price. I truly love these products and if you care about your skin, you need these in your life.

    I received free products from Foreo for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


    Recently Becca came out with a new primer, similar to her “Backlight Priming Filter”, this one is lavender-toned though. Its lilac hue is brilliantly brightening – dispelling dullness and instantly neutralising sallow tones – while light-diffusing particles create a dewy, ‘gym skin’ finish. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I also heard that people with dry skin love it. I always need more hydrating primers!

    It comes out in a nice lavender shade, but you can’t see it on your face once you blend it out. It gives you a lit-from-within look. The purple hue counteracts dullness or yellow tones, to make every complexion look ‘alive’.

    I think this is the most glowing primer I own. My skin looked really healthy and dewy, I was actually surprised. It did a nice job of hydrating the skin and my foundation went on really nice. I think I’m in love you guys. I can’t stop using it and it’s just perfect for my dry skin. 10/10 from me! If you’re oily, I’m not sure you would like it. Unless you don’t care and just want that amazing dewy look. Just something to keep in mind 🙂DSC07577


    Hi my loves! It’s time for another beautybox. As always, I ordered mine from the danish version www.lookfantastic.dk, (buy it HERE) but there’s also a .com version, so everyone can get their hands on it!

    I skipped last month because of personal reasons + my beautybox was totally damaged – not cool! It was so beautiful and as you guys know I save them to use as decorations in my room, but this one was ruined. Anyway, I’m back, let’s talk about this month beautybox!

    It’s not my favorite box, when it comes to design etc but that’s okay! It’s very sleek and cute stil.DSC07870Magazine for this month:DSC07863Products:

    DSC07886From left to right:

    Redken Heatcure Treatment: This salon quality, at-home treatment hair mask is perfect for those whose tresses are in need of some attention. Its unique formula heats up as it works magic, leaving you with beautifully soft, conditioned and smooth locks.

    Starskin Eye Catcher Smoothing Coconut Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Eye Mask: Eye masks are a key skincare trend for 2017, and this one from Starskin might just be one of our favorites. Rich in Coconut Juice and Liquorice Root Extract, each mask is soaked in a host of vitamins to reduce dark circles and fine lines, while Chamomile works to reduce puffiness.

    St.Tropez Instant Gloss: This gorgeous tan finishing product was first seen coming off the London catwalks of SS17, making it one of this year’s most coveted and fashionable products. The high gloss formula can either be used to enhance an existing tan, or on its own for a boost of color and shine.

    Caudalie Vine Active 3 in 1 Moisturizer: This lightweight cream is perfect for adding essential moisture and hydration into the skin, to balance the complexion and deliver a natural and healthy glow. It contains unique anti-pollution technology that helps to keep the skin clean and clear, blocking pollution particles that could potentially cause damage, including accelerated skin ageing.

    Skinchemists 24h Aqua Repair Facial Serum: This serum is packed with active ingredients that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which work to promote healthy skin, improve its natural firmness and stimulate renewal for a brighter, smoother complexion. Plus, its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types.

    Pür Minerals Disappering Act Concealer: This lightweight yet powerful concealer helps to hide dark circles, blemishes and signs of redness thanks to its unique formula. Paraben-free and blended with Retinol, Ceramides and Salicylic Acid, it evens out skin tone and fights blemishes at their source to leave you with a radiant complexion.

    That was it! Great products, I love these brands a lot, so it was exciting to see them in this beautybox. See you next month! 🙂


    Hej my loves! En af mine favorit mærker L.A Girl er udkommet med highlighters! Jeg har hørt nogle gode ting om dem og så elsker jeg, at de kommer i mange forskellige farver. Der er både til lys, medium og mørk hud – YESSS! Det er et kæmpe plus for mig. Jeg har afprøvet farven “120w”. Det er den lyseste af dem alle. Først og fremmest er jeg nødt til at nævne det smukke design. Det er ingen hemmelighed, at jeg elsker, alt hvad der er guld, men det virker rigtig luksuriøst og og lækkert. Selvom det er et af de billigere mærker, har de altså styr på deres produkt udseende. DSC07451Det her er nok en af de bedste highlighters jeg har prøvet. Både drugstore og high end. Sindssygt pigmenteret, man kan gå med det naturlige look og bare bruge en smule eller bygge den op og give den maks gas. Det er et produkt alle kan bruge, selv dem der ikke er til de vilde glowy metalliske highlighters. Den holdt hele dagen, efter 14 timer var den stadig på huden og var ligeså smuk, som da jeg påførte den. En ting jeg er nødt til at nævne igen, er deres shade range. De har tænkt på alle hudfarver. Mange af de store kendte mærker kan ikke engang finde ud af det. Og jeg har lagt mærke til, at de gør det med alle deres produkter (deres populære concealer, foundation etc), de har simpelthen imponeret mig. Top kvalitet og jeg kan ikke anbefale dem nok! Køb den her.

    Køb alle L.A Girl produkter.

    Jeg vil lige sige, at på billedet ser den ikke ud af så meget, men i virkeligheden er den sindssygt flot og vildt pigmenteret! Det er rigtig svært at få med på et billede, så keep that in mind.IMG_3773

    Det var det! Super fed highlighter, jeg har brugt den meget og den kommer til at ligge ved mine favoritter 🙂

    Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡

  • Anmeldelse af Borghese hudpleje produkter!

    Hej my loves! Jeg har fået fornøjelsen af at teste hudpleje produkter fra et mærke, der hedder Borghese. Det er ikke et jeg har hørt om før eller prøvet, så det har virkelig været spændende. Jeg har afprøvet 3 forskellige produkter: en natcreme, en øjencreme og en bodycreme.

    I kan finde alle produkter fra Borghese på Lookfantastic’s hjemmeside, lige her: https://www.lookfantastic.dk/elysium.search?search=borghese

    BORGHESE CREMA RISTORATIVO PM HYDRATING NIGHT CREAM: En natcreme, som kommer i smukt design. Jeg var virkelig imponeret, den er ikke mindst flot, men virkelig praktisk! Det her er den perfekte creme til tør hud. Den fugter igennem og du kan allerede mærke forskel efter de første par gange. Den er også rar at have på huden og er ikke alt for fedtet. Den er noget dyr, men som jeg altid siger: hudpleje er noget af det alle burde investere penge i – det kan ofte betale sig at købe de lidt dyrere produkter. Desuden mener jeg også, at den er prisen værd og jeg giver gerne 549 kr, når jeg er løbet tør. Man får heldigvis masser af produkt, så der går noget tid! Køb den her: https://www.lookfantastic.dk/borghese-crema-ristorativo-pm-hydrating-night-cream-30ml/11350926.htmlDSC07833BORGHESE FLUIDO PROTETTIVO ADVANCED SPA LIFT FOR EYES: En øjencreme eller ‘eye treatment’, som har en masse fantastiske ingredienser og er velegnet til følsom hud og kontaktlinsebrugere. Den absorberer hurtigt ind i huden, hvilket er et kæmpe plus. Det er en af mine favoritter, jeg synes dog ikke den er bedre end min yndlings fra Clinique, som er en smule billigere, det betyder ikke, at den er dårlig, bare noget jeg har lagt mærke til. Jeg vil stadig gerne anbefale den, da den fugter godt og hjælper mod mørke rander. Køb den her: https://www.lookfantastic.dk/borghese-fluido-protettivo-advanced-spa-lift-for-eyes-30ml/11350927.htmlDSC0782422BORGHESE TONO BODY CREME: Mega lækker creme til kroppen! Jeg er så sart, når det kommer til sådan noget og hader for det meste alt jeg prøver, men den her er et hit. Ligesom de to andre produkter, synker den ind i huden, den er overhovedet ikke alt for tyk og fedtet og så er den bare utrolig rar at have på kroppen. Den dufter skønt og så får du virkelig meget produkt for pengene. Ens hud bliver fugtet med det samme og føles utrolig blød og lækker. Den er desværre ikke tilgængelig på hjemmesiden lige nu, men hold øje – den skal nok komme igen.DSC0781622Det var de 3 produkter. Jeg er SÅ imponeret over dette hudpleje mærke. Det fortjener helt klart mere omtale, efter min mening er det alt for undervurderet. Jeg er nysgerrig efter at prøve flere ting derfra! Smid en kommentar, hvis I har prøvet mærket før og hvad jeres yndlings produkter er 🙂DSC0784422

    Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡


    Jeg har testet 3 produkter, som er meget populære. Jeg har dog været bagud med 2 af dem og er derfor lidt sent på den, hvilket jeg fortryder nu, for hold da op, hvor er det nogle lækre ting..

    Macadamia Natural Oil, Rejuvenating Shampoo: Denne shampoo er specielt egnet til beskadiget hår som trænger til ekstra pleje. Macadamia shampoo giver masser af fugt til alle hårtyper, særdeles god til tørt hår, hvilket passer perfekt til mit! Jeg har hørt så mange fantastiske ting og har glædet mig til at prøve den. For det første får man virkelig meget produkt for pengene – 1000ml, KÆMPE plus herfra. Jeg kunne allerede mærke forskel fra første gang jeg prøvede den, hvilket jeg ikke er vant til. Ens hår føles blødt og glansfuldt, jeg forstod med det samme, hvorfor den er så populær. Endnu en ting jeg elsker er ingredienserne og alle de gode benefits, jeg har overhovedet ikke nogle negative ting at sige. Køb den her: https://www.hairoutlet.dk/macadamia-natural-oil-rejuvenating-shampoo.htmlDSC076824Macadamia Natural Oil, Deep Repair Masque: Endnu et meget populært produkt, der er blevet snakket om. Jeg er lidt sent på den, men bedre sendt end aldrig, ikke? Det er en revitaliserende og genopbyggende hårkur til tørt og ødelagt hår. En kombination af Macadamia olie, Argan olie, Tea trea olie, Kamille olie, Aloe Vera og alge ekstrakt, forynger og tilfører fugtighed til håret. Den dufter fantastisk og plejer virkelig håret. Jeg har prøvet mange hårkure efterhånden og har aldrig rigtig fundet en favorit, men det har jeg nu. Ligesom shampooen kan man mærke forskel næsten med det samme. Ens hår er nærmest fuldstændig forvandlet og føles overhovedet ikke tørt mere. Køb den her: https://www.hairoutlet.dk/macadamia-natural-oil-deep-repair-masque-500-ml.html

    Anvendelse: Masser omhyggeligt hårkuren, lad kuren virke 5-10 minutter uden varme. Hårkuren bør ikke anvendes mere end maksimalt 2 gange pr. uge.DSC07784

    DSC07746Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara: Hands down min favorit mascara. Maybelline laver nogle af de bedste og den her er helt klart en vinder. Jeg har stadigvæk ikke mødt nogen, der ikke kunne lide den. Der er ikke så meget at sige om den – man får de smukkeste lange vipper, den smuldrer ikke og holder hele dagen, samtidig med at den er knald sort  Det er en jeg anbefaler til alle! Køb den her: https://www.hairoutlet.dk/maybelline-lash-sensational-mascara-black-9-5-ml.htmlDSC07722

    Det var min anmeldelse af de 3 produkter. Jeg bruger dem stadigvæk konstant og har endda fået min mor til at købe og bruge dem – det er et godt tegn! 😉

    Sponsoreret // 100% min egen mening ♡