26. marts 2017

Hi my loves! I wanted to do a different blog post today, I want to talk to you about 5 products I’ve been using and abusing for a while now – they’re currently some of my all time favorites and I just can’t put them down. Some of these aren’t available in Denmark and I’m so sorry about that – I still wanted to talk about them , because that’s simply what I’ve been using.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS FINISH POWDER: This powder is perfect for people with dry skin! It’s so hard to find powders like that, so this has been my go-to. It looks beautiful on the skin, you can put on a ton of layers and it’ll never look cakey. You simply can’t overdo it. It doesn’t even look like you’re wearing powder, yet it sets everything nicely. It really does make your face look airbrushed. And that packaging .. Man I get speechless every time I look at it. Yes it is expensive, but it’s worth it!

OFRA BEVERLY HILLS HIGHLIGHTER: This highlighter is super popular, nothing new but it is for me. Normally I don’t like products like this, the color wheel type, but I don’t mind it with this one. It was bigger than I expected, thank god. I was worried about the size. You get five shimmering shades of golden bronze, cool pink, pearly white, neutral shimmer and pinky-peach. You can of course mix them all together or use them separately. These are the perfect shades for me, when it comes to highlighters. They fit a ton of skin tones and you really can’t go wrong with it. I also love using them as eyeshadows! It’s pricey, which was one of the reasons I didn’t buy it right away, but I’m honestly glad I finally did.PHYSICIANS FORMULA BUTTER BRONZER: Okay so I’m extra late on this one, but I can’t get it in my country, so when I had the opportunity to get a friend to buy it for me when she was traveling, I had to! I’m pale and it’s almost impossible to find bronzers, so of course I had to do whatever I could to get my hands on it. And yes it is as good as everyone says! Love how it smells and how it looks on my skin. Not too orange, it’s easy to use and not too pigmented, which is good in this case – you can slowly build it up.COVERFX ILLUMINATING SETTING SPRAY: I buy everything that says ‘illuminating’ and I had my eyes on this since the day it was announced. Coverfx is one of my all time favorites brands, they never disappoint me and I just knew I had to try this. It’s an alcohol-free setting spray that provides instant illumination while giving your makeup serious staying power. It has an ultra-fine mist, I honestly haven’t tried anything like it before. It’s hard to explain how it feels, but you basically can’t feel it spray the product on your face. At all. And it’s almost like it’s in slow-motion. So weird, but really nice! It gives a luminous finish making this a perfect all-over highlighter for both face and body– and the more you mist, the more intense you glow. FYI: You have to shake it well before using it, or you’ll have small glitter all over your face. It also says this on the bottle, so remember that!STILA MAGNIFICENT METALS GLITTER & GLOW LIQUID EYESHADOW: These bad boys have been all over the internet. Everyone has been talking about them. I got them right when they came out and have been using them since. I only have 2 shades (Kitten Karma & Rose Gold Retro), because they’re REALLY expensive for a liquid eyeshadow. I’m buying more tho! These are insane. You really can’t compare them to anything, they’re crazy pigmented and glittery. I don’t think I have to say much, but oh my god they are intense. If you love glitter and sparkly stuff, these are perfect!

  • Rose Gold Retro (Rose gold with silver sparkle)
  • Kitten Karma (Champagne with silver and copper sparkle)

That was it! Hope you liked it. I think I’m going to do these often! I kinda like sharing my favorites with you guys. I’ll do my best to include products everyone can get their hands on!

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