14. marts 2017

Recently Becca came out with a new primer, similar to her “Backlight Priming Filter”, this one is lavender-toned though. Its lilac hue is brilliantly brightening – dispelling dullness and instantly neutralising sallow tones – while light-diffusing particles create a dewy, ‘gym skin’ finish. I’ve heard mixed reviews, but I also heard that people with dry skin love it. I always need more hydrating primers!

It comes out in a nice lavender shade, but you can’t see it on your face once you blend it out. It gives you a lit-from-within look. The purple hue counteracts dullness or yellow tones, to make every complexion look ‘alive’.

I think this is the most glowing primer I own. My skin looked really healthy and dewy, I was actually surprised. It did a nice job of hydrating the skin and my foundation went on really nice. I think I’m in love you guys. I can’t stop using it and it’s just perfect for my dry skin. 10/10 from me! If you’re oily, I’m not sure you would like it. Unless you don’t care and just want that amazing dewy look. Just something to keep in mind 🙂DSC07577

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  • Svar venterpaavin 14. marts 2017 at 13:08

    Den lyder avanceret (;

    • beautybymadsen
      Svar beautybymadsen 14. marts 2017 at 23:24

      Den har i hvert fald en masse gode ting, som gør den helt speciel! 🙂

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