Hi my loves! You know I love sharing good drugstore founds with you. I’m sure a lot of you already know this item, it isn’t new at all, but I just had to make a blog post for the ones that have no idea it exists. I’m talking about the Wet n Wild “Walking On Eggshells” eyeshadow palette. It looks so plain and boring, but once you put it on the lid, you can really see how beautiful the colors are.

You get 3 colors and they are so smooth and easy to blend. I admit I mostly stay away from drugstore eyeshadows, but I knew this palette was good + it was so cheap so even if it sucked, it would be okay.


So here it is. The brow bone is a pretty champagne color, amazing as a highlight, the crease is the perfect brown shade and the eyelid is a pink champagne. So gorgeous. It looks even prettier once it’s on the lid.


Swatches. I would say that the pink champagne shade is a lot more pink in real life, this picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s almost a dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow “Pink Champagne”, which is my all time favorite. The ABH one is a bit darker though.


I’ve had good time to try it out and I’m obsessed. I know I’m going to use this A LOT! If you don’t own it, you seriously should go buy it 🙂

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