Hi my loves. I still have a lot of makeup on the way, but I thought I’d show you some of the things that already arrived. I think this time I will do a haul, showing you what I got and then do another blog post with review and swatches. That way I get to try out the products a lot more and get you a full detailed review instead. Hope that’s okay with you guys!

In this little haul I got some stuff from Makeup Revolution and Wet n Wild. Some things I’ve been looking at for a while now and finally just went ahead and bought them!

I’ve been really into contour/cream contour/bronzing – something I’ve always done but for some reason I’m EXTRA into it, actually rather obsessed.

I knew I would love these two contour kits from Makeup Revolution. I bought the powder version and the cream version:





This is what the packaging look like. It gets dirty right away, so don’t mind that.


Super sleek, and not cheap looking at all. Makeup Revolution is so affordable but always has the most amazing packaging – and product. Their quality is crazy good!

I’m just in love and can’t wait to play around.


Even the boxes are beautiful!


I also got this from Makeup Revolution! A bronzer, a highlight and a blush palette in Ultra Fair.

DSC01504 DSC01518

Look at that blush! Wow. It has some golden shimmer to it, which I love.

I swatched all of the products and they are VERY pigmented and creamy, so it looks promising! I will give you guys an update when I’ve tried everything and have an opinion 🙂

Then I got the new Wet n Wild brushes! Heard soooo many good things. I normally stay away from drugstore brushes to be honest, but these were so affordable, cute and well liked. I started out with 3. A fan brush, a crease brush and a shadow brush. They are all VERY soft, more than you’d expect. They pick up product perfectly and I’m very satisfied. I need more!


Left to right: Fan brush, shadow brush and crease brush.


Fan brush


Crease brush

DSC01630 DSC01631

I don’t have a close-up of the shadow brush, my camera decided to work against me.

Hope you guys enjoyed xo


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