If you are a PR Company/brand and interested in working with me, please email me at: mariamadsen96@hotmail.com


Honesty is everything to me and that will never change. As a blogger I receive products to try out and review. I don’t get paid and I will always let you guys know how I feel about a product, as I would with anything that I paid for myself. I’m not blogging to get free stuff, I’m blogging because I enjoy it and it makes me extremely happy! I will always mention if a blog post is sponsored.  

I love you guys and your support means everything to me, I would never recommend anything I didn’t truly believe in. I rarely do affiliate related posts, but if I do from time to time, it will also be stated at the bottom of the post. 

I also only say yes to things that would fit into my blog and that I think would be interesting for my readers to learn more about.

I just wanted to let you know these things so you can continue to trust my word and everything I talk about or recommend