Hi my loves! For the first time I’m getting the chance to try the amazing and extremely popular advent calendar from Lookfantastic. I’ve been so exited, because I have heard nothing but great things and each year they sell out like crazy. I can finally try it for myself and tell you guys if it’s worth the money or not!

About the calendar:

Lookfantastic launches the 2018 advent calendar to get you ready for the party season. A mix of deluxe sample size and full-sized products it encases 25 products sure to get you ready for party season.
The premium collection contains a range of all things beauty; from skincare treats to tanning, haircare to cosmetics, branded tools and exclusive products, this Christmas you can have it all and look fantastic.
Retailing at 750 kr ( $115 approx), and valued at over 2500 kr (around $387,45), it is the perfect treat for yourself or to give as a gift. The calendar acts as an ideal way to discover both new products and brands and is encased in a reusable vanity unit perfect for storing all your beauty treats and essentials.

The Advent Calendar can be bought here:
https://www.lookfantastic.dk/beauty-box/lookfantastic-advent-calendar/11194782.htmThere 25 drawers filled with nicely wrapped products. I won’t spoil it for you guys of course, if you want to know what’s in it beforehand, you can always google it, there’s websites for that.Lookfantastic sent out a newsletter with spoiler warnings where you can see some of the brands included etc, so there’s an opportunity to know more. I just want to respect the people that are thinking about buying it and want to be surprised and have something to look forward to during december. If you don’t know if it’s worth it or not: Just remember it’s valued at over 2500 kr (around $387,45) and the past years have been filled with amazing brands and so many incredible products.

I have opened all 25, to see what’s in it so I could tell you guys if it’s really worth the money and if I would go out and purchase it myself, if I didn’t get it sent.

Now just the whole packaging is … Much more than what I thought it would be. And by that I mean, it is HUGE and super heavy. It feels solid and the drawers fit a ton of product, so you can easily use it after for storage. I would be mad if I spent a lot on money on something and all I got was shitty quality that would be ruined after you’re done opening. That’s not the case with this one. And that plays a huge part in why I feel like it really is worth it. Because this is not cheap packaging. It’s heavy duty, my mom was ready to buy one JUST because of that. She didn’t care about the products, she just wanted the whole thing to store her things in it.Now let’s talk about the actual products. We are all different and we ‘expect’ or want different things. Some prefer skincare, others prefer makeup, etc. So some will find it disappointing and some will LOVE it. This has gotten amazing reviews though and it seems to please a lot of people every single year.

I was VERY happy with the makeup selection. There’s some good brands, some good fullsize products. That surprised me and that alone made it worth it. There’s mostly skincare products. Some of them I could do without. Only a few of the products disappointed me. But there’s a good selection, a little bit of everything. There’s so many good brands included, a lot of my favorites which made me super happy. And I also discovered some new ones. And I can honestly say that it IS worth it. I truly loved it and would without a doubt purchase it myself. They did amazing and I can see why it’s so popular!

Bonus: buy an optional subscription on a Beauty Box and the lookfantastic advent calendar at once and save 20% on the advent calendar with the code: ADVENTBB

(this is a public code and not one made for me, so I do not earn anything on it, you can find it on the lookfantastic website)

Have you guys picked it up or are you thinking about it?


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