After Mat(e) Nude, theBalm is now introducing us to Matte Trimony. I wasn’t a big fan of the colors from the last palette, but I know people loved it and had many amazing things to say about it, so I was very happy when I saw this one, these colors are right up my alley!

How theBalm describes this palette: “Featuring nine versatile shades, these matt(e)s are ‘suit’able for any occasion. With a velvety smooth texture, triple-milled formula and true-to-pan payoff, your look will live on happily ever after. Always easy on the eyes, Meet Matt(e) Trimony transitions from business casual to black tie in no time.”

I NEED THIS! I’m going to be broke, but it will be worth it. It retails for $42.00 and you get nine shades. The eyeshadows are huge, so you get A LOT of color and it will take you a long time to hit pan, which is only a good thing.

theBalm is one of my favorite brands, with their cute packaging and amazing quality products, they do such a good job. The colors are all wearable and I see some perfect transition shades – they are my weakness! I never buy a palette if I don’t love most of the colors, because then I know I’ll never use it. These are all in my comfort zone and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way. You can get the palette HERE.

For my amazing Danish readers: I will update you on my Facebook page, when this will be available in Denmark, so make sure you like my page to get an instant update: https://www.facebook.com/beautybymadsen/



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