Hi my loves! Pixi absolutely spoiled me and sent me the most gorgeous package I have ever seen. It contained their 2 new Glow-y Gossamer Duos and their Liquid Fairy Lights, which I’ve heard amazing things about! Pixi has been my favorite brand for years and their products always amazes me. They truly have some incredible products, so I’ve been so excited to try these!Glow-y Gossamer Duos £20.00: This luminous miracle powder lightens, brightens & adds the prettiest glow, all while looking natural on the skin. There’s two shades, “Subtle Sunrise” & “Delicate Dew”. These highlighters are STUNNING. You can use then lightly for a beautiful, natural glow, but they can also be layered for a blinding effect. Best of both worlds! I have a millon highlighters but these stand out 100%. The way they look on the skin, it’s insane. They just melt right in and makes everything look angelic and glowy.Liquid Fairy Lights £15.00Long wearing, liquid glimmer eyeshadow lights up the eyes with super sparkles to create an ethereal look. Infused with chamomile and rose extracts to soothe and hydrate. They come in 5 gorgeous shades and they are all to die for. The applicator makes it so easy to apply and you don’t get a ton of glittery fall out. They dry down quickly and don’t budge. I honestly love them just as much as my Stila ones and that says a lot, because nothing compares to them. These are also a lot more affordable – and truly worth the money. You can wear them alone or pair them with your favorite eyeshadows. I can’t stop wearing them!If you’re from my country, you can buy the products here, here and here ❤️

These are some of my favorite products from Pixi, which is hard to say because I always love everything I try from them and have a ton of favorites, but these are just so good! I I have sooo many highlighters, but these stands out. I love the way they look on the skin, they have that gorgeous wet look and don’t leave a powdery finish, but they still give you the most gorgeous glow. That’s my favorite type of highlighters! And I love that they are buildable, so if you prefer a more natural highlighter, you can still use these, just use a lighter hand.

You already know how I feel about the liquid eyeshadows – they gave my Stila ones a run for their money. They are so reflective and easy to work with.

Swatches: The highlighter to the left is “Delicate Dew”  and the right is “Subtle Sunrise”Swatches of the liquid fairy lights from left to right: Crystalline, SunRay, BareBrilliance, RoseGold, PassionLight.


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