I think I have about 7 powder contour kits and 3 cream contour kits. Yes I have a thing for contouring. I’m always trying new products! I decided to do a blog post and talk to you guys about my favorite cream kit.

It’s between Sleek Cream Contour Kit, Makeup Revolution Cream Contour Kit and Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit. So which one is the best?

DSC03968(Yes they’re all dirty, they’re impossible to keep clean, oops)

Sleek: I actually liked it a long in the beginning, but I noticed how hard it was to pick up product, I had to add beauty oil every time and it just got annoying. The colors are alright and it’s easy to blend, but it’s truly a struggle to get the product. They do feel a bit dry though, which I don’t like. It’s also not pale-friendly.


Makeup Revolution: You get 8 creams, which is a lot. These blend like a dream, they’re really smooth and easy to work with. I feel like the colors are a bit too warm for my taste, but that’s just me personally. They’re more bronzy on my skin tone, but I’m also very fair. So if you’re medium/tan, these will look AMAZING on you and the quality is really great. It feels high end! There’s one shade where you CAN make it work, but I still think the ABH one is better since it’s more grey toned. DSC03987

Anastasia Beverly Hills: this is the kit with the best colors. Instead of just having a “light” option, they have a “fair”, so even us pale girls can contour! This kit has the best color options for me. The creams are really nice, so buttery and easy to blend. The coverage is really nice and I love using the highlighting shades under my eyes. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive since the other two are drugstore, but it’s worth the price! I use it constantly and that is why it’s my favorite.DSC03557

All of the shades look a bit lighter on camera, keep that in mind.

It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s an Anastasia product, you guys know how much I love drugstore products, I blog about it often and I use it just as much as my high end makeup. But the one from ABH has the PERFECT shades and the PERFECT consistency, there’s not one bad thing to say. You get what you pay for. And there’s a palette for EVERY skin tone. As a fair girl it’s almost impossible to find the right contour shade, even harder when it’s creams. If you don’t have that problem and think it’s too expensive, go for the Makeup Revolution one. There’s nothing wrong with it, the colors just don’t look that good on my skin tone. 

From left to right: Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Revolution, Sleek.


So there you have it!


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