Hi guys! So I get a a lot of questions about makeup, especially one and that’s “how do you make your makeup last all day?”, so I thought I would make a post about it. My makeup lasts all day + all night, when I take it of it’s still perfectly on. My foundation hasn’t worn off or anything. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I do have a few tips I think everyone should do in their makeup routine!

Step 1: PRIME! This is such an important step. I like to use 2 different ones – a pore filler and something that will hydrate my skin. A primer will make everything last longer and depending on which one you use, smooth your skin or minimize poors. It also makes the foundation glide on a lot easier.

Step 2: Prime your eyes. Yes, it is necessary. Use your favorite primer or a concealer, then set it with powder. Your eyeshadow won’t fade away and it gives you a nice base.

Step 3: Wear your favorite long-wearing foundation. Use what works for you, something you know will last the longest.

Step 4: Set with powder. I have dry skin and I know not a lot of people wants to put powder on their skin, especially not if it’s dry, but it helps. You can bake if you prefer or just powder normally. It locks everything in and your makeup will stay in place.

Step 5: Set your face with a setting spray. This is a MUST for me. Not only does it set my makeup in place and make it last all day, it takes away the powdery look and makes everything look amazing.

If you know a bit about makeup, you probably already know all of this. It’s simple, I know. But it works!e93456e6f66f68187ba38dc9eb3b3942

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