Hi guys! So I’m sure you all know about the Jeffree Star and Manny collab. I only got the highlighter, because I don’t really like the two lip shades. I still ADORE my Peach Goddess highlighter, so of course I had to have this new one + it’s limited edition! I am seriously in love with the packaging, so sleek and beautiful. What I love the most is that it’s embossed with a crescent moon and star.

The highlighter/skinfrost is called Eclipse, it’s $29 and the shade is described as a blinding pale icy peach. It looks dark in the pan just like peach goddess, but it’s a lot lighter once you swatch it/put it on your face, even someone as pale as me can wear them, so don’t let that scare you!

The powder is very finely milled, super pigmented and just as amazing as the rest of his highligters. 

Here’s a swatch. I feel like it shows up better on  the skin and it looks even more intense in real life, so keep that in mind! I always feel that way when I take pictures of highligters. Hope you guys liked this blog post, let me know if you have any questions!


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