Hey guys! I did a post about Mac’s liquid lipsticks (here) and I was pretty excited, now that they have finally arrived in Denmark, I thought I would share my thoughts.

Sooo where do I start? You all know I’m a huge fan of Mac. I’m also a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. That’s why I freaked out like a crazy person when I heard that they would come out with some. And then I thought: FINALLY. A bit too late. A lot of different brands have been coming out with really good liquid lipsticks and I’ve always felt like Mac was behind. The price is $20.00, but in Denmark it’s much more expensive, around $30 (200 kr), which I don’t think they’re worth. I’m sorry Mac, I love you, but you could’ve done a lot better.

The liquid lipsticks c0me in beautiful colors, very hard to choose. I’m not a fan of the formula. It’s dry, it’s patchy, it doesn’t last and I have so many other liquid lipsticks that’s way better. If Mac had released these earlier I would be less hard on them because there wouldn’t be much to choose from, but now companies have made a lot of amazing high quality liquid lipsticks and Mac can’t keep up. I was shocked. I really thought they would be one of the best and I will not spend so much money, when I can get 3 amazing ones for the same price.

This was just my opinion, but I did some digging and I’m not the only one (thank god). I’ve seen very bad reviews, barely any positive. Hopefully they’ll come out with a better formula at some point.

Have you guys tried them?


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