Hi loves! I recently bought a bunch of things from Morphe. It started with the news of the new 35O Matte + Shimmer palettes. You all know I love the original, so of course I had to have some of the new ones. Then I got the news that Morphe’s most popular brush collection (the Elite collection) was going to be gone FOREVER. (EDIT: they are releasing new ones, that are improved and even better!) So I panicked and bought all of the ones I’ve wanted for so long but hadn’t gotten around to buy. A lot of them are sold out, so it was hard, but I managed to get my hands on some.


The brushes from left to right: E5 (perfect for contouring), E59 (perfect for bronzing), E27 (such a good crease brush, MannyMUA uses this all the time), E23 (a smaller version), G8 (so good for blush, setting powder, and contouring) and G20 (the perfect brush to pack on shadow, especially glitter/shimmer). These are truly my new favorites, they’re SO good and the Elite and Gun Metal collections are the only brushes that I like from Morphe. Top quality!







To the left is the E27 and to the right is the E23






When it comes to the 35Om, there’s not much to talk about – it’s the same palette but with all mattes. They’re so beautiful and it’s really nice to have this version too. I kinda want the shimmer one as well, because I know it’s insanely pretty, but it just feels wrong to have 3 palettes of the same colors, especially because I already own so much makeup and have so many palettes that I need to use more. So I’m trying to be wise and not let the hoarder in me win!

As I said, the Elite collection will be gone soon and you will not be able to purchase them anymore. These are Morphe’s most popular and best quality brushes, so they’re honestly worth to get.

If you’re from Denmark, you can get the palette here: http://houseofstars.dk/shop/morphe-35om-35-4390p.html

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