Mac just came out with a new collection – with Ellie Goulding! JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY. It’s inspired by the light and dark dichotomy present in her artwork and as a performer. I really love the EG in rose gold, it kind of remind me of Gucci.

They released a bunch of things, it’s almost too hard to choose! They did really good with the design and packaging. My american readers can already by it now, but for those of you who’s from Denmark ..  we have to wait a little bit longer. Ugh!

It’s a limited edition though, so be quick! What are you guys most excited about from this collection?

Skærmbillede 2015-12-19 kl. 12.47.52 Skærmbillede 2015-12-19 kl. 12.47.56

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