Hi my loves! I have such an interesting product to talk about today. I received the popular “Space Mask”, which is a a self-heating eye mask – how cool is that? I’m very picky on what I review on my blog, but this truly intrigued me.


“Calming and relaxing, Spacemasks is a pack of five single-use, individually wrapped eye masks. Gently heating from the minute the packet is opened, place over the eyes at bedtime to relieve tension, rest the eyes and prepare for a good night’s sleep.”I think this is so different and simply genious. I had to tell you guys about it.  Designed to escape earthy distractions with a mix of healing warmth and therapeutic jasmine scents, these masks gently heat up and block out light to help you to drift into dreamland and wake up feeling refreshed and invigorated. And that’s exactly what it did. It felt relaxing and extremely nice. I already repurchased, they’re that good.  I would 100% recommend them – best part of it all: they’re affordable!

You can get it HERE or HERE.Have any of you guys tried it?

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