Hi guys! We all love our amazing beautyblender and it’s hard to live without, that’s why it’s important to take care of it the right way!  After all, they’re not the cheapest. It’s recommended that if you take care of it good enough, you need to change sponge every 3 months for sanitary reasons. You can obviously go a little longer if there’s nothing wrong, but you do need to throw it out after a while. I wouldn’t go more than 5 months. A problem a lot of people come across, is the fact that it gets moldy which .. EW! I’ve experienced it myself and a lot of people don’t know why, so I thought it was important to make a blog post. Just in case someone doesn’t know.

The beautyblender only gets moldy when it gets wet and then you put in an air tight place. I’ve often made the mistake thinking it was dry enough and then put it away – big mistake. I can’t have it out in my room to stand and dry because I have two lovely cats that think it’s REALLY fun to play with (rip to my old ones), so I have to put it somewhere else. It’s not good enough to just put it in a drawer, because that’s yet again an air tight place. SO, if you don’t have cats that steal them, you just have to make sure you dry it somewhere with ventilation and it isn’t completely sealed in a damp container and it won’t grow mold. Other than that, you’re safe. But make sure to clean it as often you can! It only goes bad when you don’t look after it properly.

I hoped that helped you guys. If it does grow mold, please make sure to throw it away.


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