Hi guys! Zoeva is one of the best makeup brands out there, in my opinion.  Everything is high quality but affordable. Their packaging is always on point and they never ever disappoint me. When I saw their new launch, I fell in love. Not only is it crazy stunning, but the products itself just made me speechless.

They came out with the “Sweet Glamour” collection, an eyeshadow palette and a blush palette. I am such a neutral lover, but lately I’ve been into color. I’ve been playing around and actually enjoying it. What started it? Well this is where the Zoeva palette comes in … I saw the eyeshadow colors and I just got SO inspired. They’re wearable, but still not super neutral. I haven’t felt like this, ever. So I knew I had to have it.Zoeva Sweet Glamour Palette:  A ten-shade pastel eyeshadow palette. Playful yet glamorous, the poetical palette features a romantic array of highly pigmented matte and shimmering sorbet hues from tender peach, subtle lilac and soft blue to mellow mint green – indispensable for feminine pastel makeups and dreamy daytime looks. I love everything about it. I love the design, the colors, the way it inspired me. For once in my life, I feel like going out of my comfort zone. And since then, I’ve been using colors. Not just pastels or ‘safe’ colors, which is all thanks to this palette. I couldn’t be happier! Zoeva’s eyeshadows are ALWAYS really pigmented, they blend like a dream and they’re so underrated, it’s sad. There’s 1 shade that’s not like the others. Its’ patchy and not pigmented at all. It’s one of the worst shadows I’ve tried. It’s the mint green called “Wish Fulfilment”, it was one of my favorite shades (sadly). Just keep that in mind.

The colors don’t swatch well, but on the eyes they’re perfect and I have no problems. It’s because they’re so light and pastels, and I had a hard time getting them to show up on camera. In real life, they were a lot more intense and the shimmers were really blinding. You don’t have use FIX+ to get them pop. Overall, I think this is an amazing palette!


  • Fuzzy Haze – Icy white.
  • Phantasy Principle – Shimmering peach.
  • Quite Realistic – Blushed peach.
  • Object To Subject – Shimmering lilac.
  • Daydream – Dusty mauve.
  • Childhood Adaptation – Sky blue.
  • Wish Fulfilment – Mint Green.
  • Artistic Creation – Shimmering soft yellow.
  • Profusion – Warm tan.
  • Spirits Held Desire – Cool toned shimmering purple.

Zoeva Sweet Glamour Blush palette: This blush palette unfolds a cheerful trio of soft powder shades
and embellishes the cheeks with two vivid pink blush hues and a lustrous highlighter. Tender to the touch, the ultra pigmented  collection brings a joyful pop of color to the cheeks and brightens the complexion with a soft, dainty glow. This is just stunning. I have all of Zoeva’s face palettes and I use them constantly. Crazy pigmented and the colors are always on point.


  • Sweet Escape – Rosy pink.
  • Ideal Love – Soft blush.
  • Interpretation of Dreams – Icy pearl.

Swatches of the eyeshadow palette – Row 1 & 2. 

Blush palette swatches:


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